Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


I don’t think that’s actually true, even before 2000 you could import any brand, you could not brew beer in Taiwan tho.

Beer Alert & Directory IV

Of course it’s true, read my post.
Anyone could bring in pallets of other beers on their own tit and sell them, but they weren’t legally “importing” them.

And Tsingtao has had a licensed brewery in Kaohshiung for 16 years. :roll_eyes:

You should get the Internet.



Used to have a Dutch co-worker who insisted that draught Heineken in the Netherlands is great beer. He thought the Heineken outside NYC and DC was not great, but he swore that it’s a different story in Europe. He was about half-Americanized, too (fwiw was hired away by Apple). Also, I have to believe that somewhere in the world Heineken actually tastes good because sales figures.


It’s highly possible.
San Miguel in the PIs is a beautiful thing, iced down to within an inch of its life, but the exported stuff is piss.
Lots of beers (and liquors) that are fine back in the world are crap when you get them heree.


Whack that I can buy all this for NT$72 at the night market. I first thought he said NT$720 and was getting ready to pay it because I thought maybe the pen was some special brand with the iPad tip.


I actually need one of those pens for the iPad. Hopefully I won’t have to pay anything close to that.


The Apple pencil is NT$3000 so I figured NT$700 was cheap of course with less capability.


I told my female Taiwan friend that I’ve been looking for a certain medical related item for a few days and I need it now (personal humidifier).

So she offered to order online and I said ok. After she completed the order I asked when will it be delivered? She said usually at least a week. :roll_eyes:

I guess 24hr pchome doesn’t mean delivery in 24 hours.

So I’ll be out buying one tomorrow and use the one I get a week later as extra.

Kind of like saying “hey I need a ride to the train station” and they reply “I’ll take you”. And then they offer to take you next week when you really need to go this hour.

Not saying that this is Taiwan thing or girl thing, probably just an individual person thing.


It does in most cases, I’ve rarely had something go over 24hrs and in many cases receive it in their 6 hr special. She obviously ordered it from somewhere else or is just pulling your leg.


It’s simple, she didn’t order it from 24hr pchome. The 24hr is always within 24 hrs.


What did you write this letter with, a tomato?


Reminds me of a time I was treated to dinner for helping a friend’s friend’s daughter pass an entrance exam. I was expecting a delicious Taiwanese home cooked meal. What i got was a Dominoes pizza, KFC bucket of chicken, and some crap from MacDonald’s. I appreciated the effort, but could barely swallow that garbage. I was so disappointed about not having a home cooked meal. Not all Westerners need to eat day food garbage.


I love this story hahhahahah


So stereotypical, right? But they worked hard to please the person that thought I was. I don’t blame them, but was actually, truly disappointed at the lack of authentic Taiwanese home cooking (which I LOVE). I guess I’m selfish. They spent a fortune on me :sweat_smile:


Heineken, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, etc.

where dying brands are given new life.


These things are whack. Are they upgraded to go faster than the others?


Pretty sure they’re made for long-distance driving in squares around town and not much else.


One of the slogans I’ve seen for the city elections: 白色力量


Today I saw an ad for Spunk Tours, I hesitate to investigate further.


Lost my wallet at night market the other day by leaving it in one of the stores. Back an hour later they gave it back to me. It had about NT$12000 in it just from ATM. That’s a third to half of the monthly salary for 30% of the population of Taiwan which is about right for any employee at a night market.

I gave them all the 100s which was about five or six.

I was most concerned about my ATM card.