Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


this is not at all whack. it is heartwarming.


I love these stories. There are good and bad intentioned people in every country, but an easy cash grab like that would be very hard for almost anyone to turn down.

My mother’s purse was stolen when I was about ten years old. It devastated me. They took the cash and threw her purse and the rest of her personal effects in a dumpster. Not the loss of a minimum wage mother’s small amount of cash, but treating her personal items, such as photos, like garbage. It hurts me to this day, and made me lose a bit of faith in humanity. Stories like this help restore that faith. Thank you for sharing, @tango42 :heart_eyes:


Plenty of #50 sun block. Not one nothing for sun tan.


What are you, trying to pass for someone who works for a living?


Maybe the opposite.


Seriously, the kind of mothering locals expect from the government is a little bit too much. They are criticizing that the TECO does not help them book rooms or a flight home, as if it was a travel agency.

News channels all full of calls for Hsieh to step down because the officials attitude is «cold» and «unhelpful». Oh gimme a break!

Now, the travel agencies have insurance and arranged alternatives. There are tours leaving for Hokkaido even now, so not to lose money.


It would not even have been the issue but China has turned it into politics. And now Taiwan officials have to deal with that bullshit.

China actually made a lot of countries look less than helpful to their own citizens. USA wasn’t out there helping its citizens as far as anyone knows. Or what about other countries?

This deserves its own thread.


My Taiwan friend, who leaves the door open to listen to the washing machine that sounds like a street construction machine digging up concrete, so will know when it’s finished.

I suggest close the door, set timer on phone for 40 minutes to know when clothes are done. It’s as easy as saying “Siri” or “Hello Google”, “set timer for 30 minutes”. Never done it that way and would prefer to listen to the noise no matter what. But still forgets clothes are in washing machine.


Weird how Siri or Google would translate that to mean 40 minutes. :howyoudoin:


Now I’m convinced tables are positioned far away so people can put their head down to the bowl or plate. Everyone was bent over eating next to their table and the tables were unable to move.

NT$85 by the way that’s whack cheap.


Baba Kevin’s Taipei … full of foreigners :pensive: bloody cheek but food looks good


Right on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gCjJC_INNE


This god awful stupid idiotic headline and any story that follows it. Somebody shoot me.


Whatever this fashion is.


What’s whack about that , somebody with their own style ?


No, it’s great that people have their own style. I just think it’s whack no style. They can do what they want and I can do what I want.


is it a scarf? a poncho? a long cardigan? i can’t tell.


That is an aspect of Taiwan I love the most: no one cares about what anyone including themselves wear. Yeah, we have the fashionista clans, but aside from the fans of eyebrows tattoo, No one criticizes openly.

In the old country, any stranger or worse group of strangers will laugh at you in your face because you are not wearing x brand shoes or the shoes do not match your purse. Hair out of place never, no makeup no stockings you’ll be fired on the spot.


Boomer Canadian detected



OK, what’s up with parents sitting with their kids in coffee shops, with said parent (predictably) screwing around on their smartphone while the kid watches some video with the sound blaring?

For me, blasting sound like this in a cafe is rude and disruptive. The parents look astonished when I ask if their kids could please use headsets.

Can someone explain to me wtf is going on here? All forumosan advice would be appreciated.