Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


When I drive to kentting with my wife’s family every single person in the car BLASTS their own music and somehow finds it enjoyable.


Price gouging taking advantage of Taiwanese intense fear of sunshine. How can you sell one bottle for 500 and a second bottle for wrong>>>(100) should be 1. It’s US$16+ for the first bottle and wrong>>>(US$3.25 for the second bottle) should be US$.03.

Are all those companies conspiring together to set the prices higher? Does Taipei city government even check these things? Somebody call the mayor Ke P.

Looks like a clear case of collusion to me.


Isn’t it only 1元 (USD 3 cents) for the second bottle?

Nevertheless, collusion to ensure equality of prices is rampant on this island.


technically this deal is two for 500NT.

honestly, all the people who are truly serious about their sun phobia are spending quadruple that on SK-II and other high end chemical sunscreens, so Japan’s the real scammer.


Pretty much. I think the complaint of collusion was that the product directly beside it offered the precise same deal.


I didn’t provide enough information sorry but actually all 8 or 10 shelves averaged about 499 per bottle.


Definite collusion!


Not me. It tastes like skunk piss. Don’t ask me how I know.


You’re assuming that 50 spf stuff actually performs as advertised…


Sun lotion is about the same price in Europe for those big brands.


get some cooking oil, lather up on your skin, and display yourself to the sun god. when you smell skin burning, turn over…


Seriously though, how long will furriners complain about Taiwanese wanting to be lighter? It’s like Kill Bill. “You like samurai swords, I like baseball.”


Just tell them you only want to buy the second bottle!


Wellcome has these ‘deals’ all the time. Granola, 280 NT$ for 1 pack, next week you get two packs for 198 NT$


Sunscreen is ludicrously expensive here. I made sure to bring a big bottle from home. I’ve never seen anyone use it here though.
Education and attitudes towards water activities and the sun are worlds apart from Australia

Anyway, does anyone else see humour in this?


god I hate it when they spray for roaches and they’re all out crawling around the sidewalks in broad daylight. I saw one half smashed with green goop bubbling out and nearly gagged.

honestly, what’s the point? they lay something like 400 eggs a day, each. resistance is futile.


Not really, if you catch them when they just hatch and are infertile you can crack them.


Does it really make a difference in the long run? They spray only occasionally and roaches reproduce so fast…


That’s why they need an ‘extermination’ plan.


I want to believe…