Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


If a cocoon carrying female roach gets killed it drops the cocoon and several days later the little ones will hatch. 8-10 or so. Then you need to spray again to stop the circle.


Somewhere on forumosa there’s a post explaining this - if I recall correctly, it’s more that roaches are collateral damage in sprays mainly intended for disease prevention. Maybe Dengue fever?


ah, that makes a lot more sense. Dengue is serious shit.


“Shelled” peanut?

Have the peanuts been shelled? No, they are still in the shell. Using an adjective as a noun.


Yeah, but using “shelled” and “boned” to actually mean “de-shelled” and “de-boned” is pretty counter-intuitive.

Look at the peanuts, man. They have shells. They’re “shelled”.


Shelled would mean an action has occurred on them, no action has occurred. A peanut is naturally inside a shell.


Or not



    1. having a protective outer case or covering.
      “crabs and other shelled creatures”
    1. having the outer case or covering removed.
      “shelled peas”


I think to be correct and unambiguous the packaging should read ‘peanuts in the shell’.


@Rocket: What is “the other place”?




Oooh, you don’t want to know that, trust me…


Thank you!!!


Maybe this https://goo.gl/maps/cBDPv1jHRoA2


Here is an idea for apartment building constructors. How about building non-load bearing walls in a way that owners can take them down more easily without jackhammers, noise, and dust, annoying all neighbors around? Interlocking bricks and an easily removed panel should do the trick. Probably time and cost saving as well.

This jackhammer noise during “redecorating projects” has been a constant nuisance during my 25+ years in Taipei. I don’t get that the Taiwanese are so slow coming up with better solutions for daily problems.

And while we are at it, bathroom tile removal should also be done in a smarter way.


OK, sometimes there are slight improvements. I noticed that the traffic lights close to my apartment and close to a primary school, have slightly been adjusted. The green light for pedestrians now comes on a few seconds before the one for the cars to give pedestrians a head start and forcing cars that make a turn to wait. I like that.


It’s whack that people take down load bearing walls, especially in an earthquake prone area. Who knows what supporting structures people have removed above or below.


Won’t people just look at the crosswalk sign and take that as their go sign anyways?

I hardly ever see people wait for an actual green light before going. Always a couple of people creeping into the middle of the intersection and as soon as the light going the other way turns orange they start going. Can’t waste those precious seconds to get to the next red light!


At that particular intersection it seems to work for now. Why is everyone in such a rush anyway?


Don’t want to be late and feel the wrath of laoban.

No moon festival BBQ for you. You have to work!