Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Sometimes I understand why people have less than great opinions of Forumosa.


Don’t let me go into that!


A nipple sausage? Depends on where they cut the pork belly!


Getting a order medal in Taiwan:

“Order of Propitious Clouds, First Class”

No idea what Propitious was but it didn’t sound good! So I checked the definition.

“giving or indicating a good chance of success; favourable.”

An order for the ‘tech guru’.

Now he’s in the ‘clouds’. Or in the ‘cloud’, ‘clout’?


Yeah I don’t see the big deal, unless it’s a whole nipple and not ground up.

Normal cheapo supermarket variety chorizo is lymph nodes and salivary glands. Sounds possibly worse than a nipple.


Anyone need mortician hair?


Totally fucked!

Nazi symbols, how are they the same?



Eating simple snack, Family Mart table, nice lady beside me, loud burp after drinking her yogurt, look at her, she is feeling proud of her accomplishment and continue her cell phone very interesting endevours


A woman taking the elevator from the 14F to the 13F, seriously!


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A man and wife in their 60s became lost in the mountains of Miaoli County earlier this month and remained lost for almost two weeks, barely surviving on wild plants, reports CNA.

A couple with the surname Huang (黃) who live in Hsinchu, went to nearby Miaoli for a leisurely hike on Sept. 5. However after sometime they became lost, eventually losing battery power in their phones and were unable to get off of the mountain.


They probably play candy crush while hiking.


So I am reporting about a race. There is this guy in the middle of the platoon you know, and he is racing a marathon, I´m telling ya, he´s playing with his cellphone like all the way within my eyesight…

Aside from a potential face splat, he ruined my shots. :rant::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::unamused:


Hunting Pokemon


They could have used GPS?


Tried some Heineken this past weekend, after meeting a Taiwanese who drinks only that for the past 30 years and won’t drink Taiwan beer because it gives him a headache.
For me it wasn’t too bad, a little grassy and maybe skunky- but my wife wouldn’t even take a second sip she disliked it so much.


Does anyone else have this problem? I also find that certain Beers here give me a bad headache. Seems worse when I wake up after 15 or so Beers the night before?
On a serious note I have found that some Beers here do give me a headache within an hour of drinking them. Never bothered me before, so a mystery.


And right she is!


Normal human bodily reaction.


Why is 黑糖 rendered correctly in the Indonesian translation (albeit in English) but not in the English translation?


Sometimes it manages to become Red Sugar