Whack Things in Taiwan (part 3)


I guarantee this will be the reason I one day crash on the scooter or bike. Except the shop is actually a side street and the person is a car or scooter.

Fine point @hannes There’s definitely lots of ways to look at it. Yours is just glass half empty, mine’s the opposite. I sometimes and I do emphasize on sometimes like to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Or the shop is a car door… Be alert!


It’s just common sense that if you walk out of a store, you should look left and right. But nope, not here. Let me continue my conversation with my friend or look at my phone and just walk out. Fuckers.


I always see people walking along the sidewalk, or even crossing the street, looking down at their phones, and then gently bumping into things and automatically readjusting their course without looking up. It reminds me of those Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, only maybe not quite as intelligent.


They might evolve into a separate species, like eloi and morlocks. Homo vaccuus.

One day they might be as smart as Shannon’s mouse!


its pure arrogance i tell you! ‘i won’t pay any attention and you shall move for me!’

rubs me the wrong way.

i’ve started a habit of overtaking people who get in my way then walking directly infront of them and slowing right down. revenge is sweet…


My take is that it’s not arrogance; it’s a startling lack of awareness, taught and reinforced as “normal.”

How to break the cycle? Your guess is as good as mine.



I know tech problems are not exclusive to Taiwan but it never ceases to amaze me how computers mess up.

…since last night…Sigh…It is going to be a long day.


That was my main reason for deleting Windows 8 from my laptop (well, that and the fact that it didn’t work). There appeared to be no way to switch off the endless updates, which happened at the machine’s own convenience rather than mine.


In W1/8 it should be fine. In W10 now it’s a real pain in the ass.


That’s as maybe, but (a) I couldn’t find the switch to disable it and (b) I got the distinct impression that Microsoft had released nothing more than an update engine, and were then going to drip-feed the actual OS onto my PC over a period of months or years.



Personally I don’t mind to get (normal) updates regularly. What I want to do is to decide whether the PC restarts or not.


So I’m downstairs enjoying a quality locally produced tobacco product, and Maintenance Guy has the Genie lift out to change the burnt out pot lights in the entry way. I love that frigging thing, it’s so cool. I could watch it all day long.
Of course, after the excruciating 4 minutes it takes to go up to full elevation, buddy drops the frigging bracket, because Zhonghe, so he has to crank it aaallllll the way down and grab it and go aaallll the way back up again. The whole thing probably works out to about 0.5 man/hours per bulb.


Jeez, I put a fistload of blueberries in me oatmeal.
Tasted great, but the end result looked like something they’d eat on frigging Tatooine or some deal.


They changed our publishing software at work. Let’s say if it was a steak, it would be attached to the cow… a live cow in New Zealand. Kinks? Like a used mattress. The bosses?


Gees…it’s no wonder western women complain so much about how local men ignore them


Seeing a man in a park urinate in public. No attempt to hide it, just pull right off the path and start pissing while people walk / cycle by.


haha are you sure it wasn’t a dog? oh wait, some of these people here act like one. Unless you’re in buttfuck nowhere, there are plenty of places with urinals.


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