What a farce

Have a look at this article, what a farce. That even big politicians are so superstitious.

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/deta … 5768&GRP=B

And you find this…surprising? strange? This IS Taiwan, and local religious beliefs tend to also be believed by the politicians :slight_smile:.

Once again the Taiwanese demonstrate their lack of originality. The Reagans were there first! :wink:

LMAO! Almost a good point…but the Chinese have been doing it for millenia…wait a minute, the Reagans WERE doing it first :laughing: .

That reminds of the story of Shih Huang-di and the diviners who told him that Hu would be the fall of the Chin. He launched a war campaign in the north against a barbarian tribe named the Hu. But he was on the wrong track. Hu was the name of one of his sons…