What a Year for Taiwan

  • Covid response put it on the map
  • Covid reponse allowed it to avert a shutdown of the economy, grow 2% when almost everyone else contracted
  • 4% growth projected for next year
  • US-Taiwan relations stronger than ever
  • Even Europeans demonstrating more fortitude, and many parliamentarians pledged to visit once pandemic is over
  • Investment pouring in stark amounts for the first time this millennia
  • Pandemic stoked worldwide demand for computer hardware, Taiwan’s bread and butter
  • CPTPP and free trade agreement with the US on the table

Trade and investment bottleneck finally broken.


Lol their virtue signals mean jackshit. Taiwan still hasn’t been included on their safe country list after 6 months.

  1. Those things depend on reciprocity. Taiwan’s not letting them in.
  2. Why would you go to Europe and get the virus.
  3. I don’t care.

Reciprocity is a lie.


Bravo, Taiwan! :taiwan:

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UK does not require quarantine from Taiwan. EU sucks.

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Only if the identified reciprocity was malicious in nature.

Most of EU don’t require(all?) quarantine irrespective where you come from.

They recommend/ask quarantine but if you don’t feel like it you don’t need to do it

The main point is the EU will send parliamentarians over when it’s done. Nobody cares about their quarantine rules because why would anybody from Taiwan want to go there right now.

No one would be stupid enough to go there but it’s about the kimochi. To quote Victoria Nuland, fuck the EU.

You’re one of those kids who be like, “Mom! He didn’t give me one!!! I don’t want it anyway but he didn’t give me one!!!”
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