What about KLM?

I did a search but it did not turn up much.

Anyone fly KLM to Bangkok? Is KLM pretty good?
They gave me a pretty decent price…just wondering about the airline. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Derek wrote [quote]Anyone fly KLM to Bangkok? Is KLM pretty good?
They gave me a pretty decent price…just wondering about the airline. Thanks. [/quote]

It doesn’t really make much difference who you fly with when it’s such a short flight. I flew KLM to Bangkok and it was okay. Can’t really remember much except that it was strange to see such big hostesses. I’d been living in the middle-of-nowhereville and not seen any white women for a long time.

Ah yes, “Where’d da white woman at?” syndrome … Taiwan can do that to you :wink:

I like klm, they are usually very pleasant

I’ve done the TPE-BKK flight a few times on KLM and found them to be generally quite good. Well, except for the 5 hour delay I had in BKK one time when they had to fix the plane.

not good long haul though - no decent entertainment, the bread and butter of long haul flights :sunglasses:

I hate KLM. They are always overbooked. Amsterdam is one huge security line and just wait until BKK when the empty seat next to you is filled with a 200kg German tourist who is grabbing the seat in from of him to speak to his friend at decibels insane. And here people were complaining about kids!

I’ve flown from Taipei - London with KLM. I thought they were average. Food was ok, but the entertainment was boring. The price of the ticket was good though.

If you’re travelling on a short flight it doesn’t matter, but if it’s long haul then I’d invest in a PSP or something to keep you from dying of boredom. Singapore Airlines is fantastic for entertainment - I didn’t want to get off the plane!

I’ve taken them on the TPE-BKK route more than a few times. KLM’s TPE-BKK route seems to be the cheapest deal which gets in and out of Bangkok at a decent time. You can earn miles on them again if you have Alaska’s Mileage Plan. I’ve tried both economy and business. Business is better, of course, because you can beat the boarding line which seems to be miles (and you get those little gin-filled ceramic houses, hiccup). Both of the business class lounges (in TPE they use EVA’s) and BKK (a lounge that looks like it belongs in Pyongyang) are crap.

I think the planes might be a little older, but when I took it this last February the entire cabin was spotless and it looked like all the seat covers and carpets were new. It is fine for a 3.5 hour flight. Buy the ticket from their Web site and save some $$$.

I had a similar experience as Elequa with a loud European tourist flying from BKK–just bring ear plugs, their economy fare is a good deal.

I flew KLM Stockholm-Amsterdam-Bangkok-Taipei to get here. Good food but bad entertainment. Good service and a big plus for placing the white guys (I assume it was intentional) in the seats by the emergency exit so I had good leg space. For a long haul I would reccomend another carrier, but I took it because of the price.

KLM from TPE to BKK and back again is just fine. I have taken this flight with this carrier many a time and had no major complaints. I’ve actually been bumped up to business class a few times.

It’s also usually one of the cheapest fares out there to BKK, which has already been mentioned in this thread. And I like the arrival and departure times. If I recall correctly, the KLM flight from Taipei puts you in BKK at around 10 in the evening–perfect for getting to your hotel and then going out for some excellent street food or for a drink. And the flight back to TPE usually leaves in the early afternoon.

And you can earn miles with NWA World Perks.

So, have a great flight with KLM to BKK, and have a great time in the City of Angels.