What about McCain's Wife and Her Tax Returns?

Back in 2004, Republicans were blue-in-the-face complaining about Kerry’s wife. But it’s a different story with the beer lady.

Frome the HuffPo.

[quote]During the 2004 election, Republicans criticized Theresa Heinz Kerry for not disclosing her personal tax returns (she eventually released a copy of her 1040). RNC Chairman Ed Gillepsie claimed then:
“Throughout history, presidential candidates have disclosed income tax information prior to Election Day. We believe Americans value disclosure and transparency in campaigns. During the 2003 filing year, Sen. Kerry made a $6 million loan to his campaign based on the value of a home jointly owned with his wife.”[/quote]

[quote]The National Review pointed out in 2004 about Heinz Kerry’s tax returns:
Disclose the full form, Teresa. Privacy? Oh, come off it. How can disclosure of any part of Mrs. Kerry’s personal 1040 relate to her children, all of whom are now in their thirties?
Meanwhile, from the McCain camp:
Aides say Cindy McCain will not release her tax returns to protect the privacy of her four children; details of their wealth are included in her filing.
Still waiting for similar outrage from the National Review.[/quote]