What about the houses for rent? (not looking to rent related)


it’s many years now that I live in Taiwan and I have to say that I’m pretty fine here. I like many things and I have friends.

And I always rented places.

I will expose my biggest problem here, you are free and welcome to ask me also about my personality if you think it’s relevant.

I have never found a place where I like to live! I have set even high budgets maybe between 25000nt and 35000nt in 591.tw which is my most used app and I can use perfectly. I mean the house itself. I have never found something ‘cosy’, nice and good to live. Houses always has problems for me.

Many houses are built like hamster houses with small stairs and storage spaces everywhere. Some have TV hanged on the wall in location where you don’t even want to sit and enjoy a movie.

I make a list of the things I hate:

  1. washing machine in the kitchen (especially coming out from the main furniture)

  2. small balconies for laundry or no balcony

  3. bright curtains or lifted from the wall curtains so that in the morning at 5am is bright (how do you sleep?)

  4. Low quality beds, hard mattreses.

  5. Horrible furnitures inside

  6. Decorations that can’t be taken out such as ‘fancy’ lamps or uncomfy chairs.

  7. Noisy AC or maybe AC placed right over the bed so you get a lot of pain.

  8. small tables for work or ‘shrinked’ sinks in the toilet.

  9. some houses are half furnished and half not so maybe you have to spend additional nt to have some things you need.

  10. weird mirrors, sometimes ‘fumé’ placed randomly that take all the wall

  11. many houses are built in the way that you can’t move furniture so there is not much to do about it.

  12. points of light inside placed in an awkward way or neon lights that combined with white tiles on the floor give a shininng effect everywhere. And it’s the most ‘uncosy’ thing. I really love nice lamps and soft lights.

  13. walls not white but with a ‘creamy color’, sometimes light blue…if not worse with some (silly) writings on them like ‘love’, ‘home sweet home’, ‘new York, Paris, etc…’,

I would like to show you some pictures of what I mean about ‘cosy’ according to european standards…it can be even furnished at ikea…but cosy!.

I considered to rent empty apartaments but contracts are for one year, with very few exceptions. What do I do than if after one year landlord changes his mind? (maybe he sees the nice place he tells me to go out and he makes it again like that and tries to rent it for higher price). Than furniture cannot really fit everywhere. Plus maybe I have to spend 200k plus to buy all the furnitures. (including TV that I don’t have)

Basically i always moved from one place to another, I even went to airbnb and I have a small storage box in Taipei where I keep things that I own. All of this because of frustration.

Everyday I check 591.tw and I end up closing it full of frustration after maximum 10 minutes. I also have groups in Facebook and really I would not live in anyone of those places.

Can someone help me? I’m very desperate.


Curious, is anything preventing you from buying since you’ve lived here many years?

Thanks for your answer. It’s basically my dream but I can’t get a loan and at the moment I don’t want to put a significant amount of money to buy.

Let’s say that in all Taipei mrt area for less than 5m any house for sale has ALL the problems mentioned above and anyway they are boxes. My opinion is that to get a livable house with the right spaces is between 8 - 10m which I don’t have at the moment. But the same house that costs around 8 - 10m to buy normally is rented between 20000 to 30000nt so I would like to rent. But than comes my problem again!

I personally dislike apartments whose balconies have the view (from living room), but it’s where clothes are washed and hung, thus blocking nice view.
Taiwan developers are idiots. They only think internal cosmetics, but rarely give nice external views.

Where you want to rent?

Best place I ever found years ago was after scootering around and seeing what potential views would be like from 6th to 12th floors and then asking security guards at those complexes if anyone is renting.
Got me a place nearly the same day.


Well that’s an idea. I’m at the point where I gave up to choose the location. Basically in the whole Taipei city (not New Taipei). Not Northern than Tienmu, not souther than Muzha, not Easter than nangang, not western than ximen…i hope I made it clear.
And I always looked for a place nearby mrt but even 10 minutes walking are OK!

Still if I could find a cosy house I would much more prefeir the interior rather than the location itself…but I never foooooound itttttt!

Check the tons of apartments out by new AIT in Neihu or by Bihu Lake. View could be of mountains or riverside of airport.
Or check Shuiyuan 水原路 Road out by NTNU, follow it toward Youth Park.
View would be of riverside path.
Rent not too expensive.

Ok i take a look. My opinion is that it really depends on the owner, view for me is a plus but what I really like is interior design. So I don’t think it depends on the location. I have never found out that a specific location has better houses from the ‘inside point of view’.

Again, even fancy buildings they result in sad houses.

P.S. I’m constantly updating the list of things I don’t like. I’m sure that if anyone comes up with a picture of an house I can find at least three or four of those terrible features mentioned above. At least…

I don’t like fanciness like houses similar to a high end cocktail bar. I want cosiness, wodden floor (even fake is ok), space to hang clothes, comfy sofa, comfy bed, place where I can watch TV from sofa and from bed. Even a studio like 15pings. But well built

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This is mostly a problem in the Taipei area because there are so many old buildings . Your best bet is to find a newer apartment in Taoyuan, Sanxia, Tamshui, Tucheng, Xinzhuang and Linkou, if working in Taipei.
Taichung also has many new and nice apartments.

I agree with many of your comments, especially hate the horrible and often dirty ‘kitchens’ , system furniture taking up half the apartments , landlords using their apartments as warehousing for their shit and also the blatant lies about how many ping they are .

Best bet is to find as near as empty an apartment as possible and furnish it yourself.


Taipei city for 5m? No wonder you are disappointed. And for nice apartments here it makes much more sense to rent since the buying price is extremely high. I’ve seen “2.5 bedrooms’ sold for 18m that I couldn’t even get up from the bed, basically only one side of the bed was free, but it was decorated very nicely and beautifully with lots of storage in the display decorated apartment. One might even not see the obvious but be awed by the decoration show they put.

Unless you are willing to live far away (like 15min after Danshui station, Linkou etc) you won’t find anything remotely ok. And even in those far places 5m doesn’t get you anything.

I’d say unless you are really planning to live and die here and spend most of your time in Taiwan it is not even worth to buy it here. You can buy and rent out several properties back home with the $ for 1 cubicle here.

If you have the cash you can look into buying back home and using the rent to pay something here. Otherwise just keep renting. It has its advantages to rent in Taiwan.

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That’s exactly what I was saying. As per title I am speaking about the conditions of the apartaments for rent. Those to purchase around 5m for sure have all the bad things that even apartments that are rented between 20k and 30k present.

Sure you are right. But than comes my point. The cosyness of apartament for rent here is sub zero…

That’s due to the local culture, they don’t value cosyness in general. So you need to kit out your apartment yourself .


Do you mind to live in a old building?

I care about the inside rather the building. Because I live inside. I want that when I open the door I have cosyness. Not cream white walls, white tiles, neon light, TV hanged on the wall and bathroom door high fittable for dwarfs

So true. I know very wealthy people who have Bentleys, Ferrari’s and nice motorcycles and I’ve have visited some of them in their places. The buildings are new, high class, big places, but when you go inside they have everything but coziness.

Places full of clutter, disorganized, half-a** thought out into furnishing. But don’t get me wrong, their furnitures are extremely high quality, nice woods, etc, it is just that it looks soo ugly and uninviting.

If you want something with 30k as threshold, the best choice would be to rent a place in an old building without construction problems (no leaking for example) and furnish it yourself. You would be impressed what a good painting of walls could do to a place, and then you have a blank canvas to furnish it as you like. In case contract gets terminated you can always move your furniture to your new place.


It’s true. I wondered many times what would happen if I get an almost empty apartment. My idea is that after one year or two landlord wants to sell the house and you need to move everything and that’s a tragedy. Do you know anyone that lives since 5+ years in the same apartment and furnished it from zero? It’s a big bet in my opinion. You might find yourself with TV, sofa, lamps, carpets and so on and not a place to stay

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Absolutely. It’s quality but it’s not an environment that makes you willing to crush on the sofa or have many options to move.

I laugh a lot when I see lists for rent of small places and they put like a small table with the two chairs like a tea shop…

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If I could rent like 3+2 or 4+4 as in many other countries than yes. With one year contract I don’t even think about purchasing new curtains. And if curtains are non existent you need sunglasses in the morning in some places

Taiwanese people, especially owners of apartments in very old building, don’t sell their apartments like that.

If they are renting that old apartment out, they don’t need the cash from the sale of it. Among these types of landlords in Taipei city there is only one thought: (keep the property for as long as they can until a construction company comes forth with a rebuilding proposal so they can become multi multi multi millionaires after it gets rebuilt and they get and extra 2 apartments in the building from the deal. We are talking about one old trash like place suddenly making them over 100m after rebuilding.

If you want longer contracts of news places, Taipei MRT leases 1-9years such apartments. You can find some hidden gem in their website. It is an action though, of course they will give priority to who bids higher rental price and longer contract length. You can take a look. They don’t have it all the time but they frequently hold these types of action to building just above mrt stations or very close by to one. Prices are better than market price if you can play the deal well.

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