What about when a SCHOOL violates your contract?

Apparently, the law works in only one direction when it comes to contracts and Taiwanese employers.

Remember, the teacher who was “violated” can always walk out and quit. :smiling_imp: Teachers have a lot more power than they think. Never work for a school that doesn’t appreciate you. It’s very easy to find another job.

It’s pretty facile to say that a teacher can ‘just quit and work somewhere else’ . There are lots of troublesome considerations if you want to do things legally. – Especially ARC/work permit issues.

Since the laws have changed, the teacher can get a second work permit from another school, then simply quit their first school and have the FAP ammend their ARC. Therefore, the working legally problem is solved.

As long as foreigners are divided, their rights will always be violated. We need to show solidarity and defy the status quo. I call for a national stay-away on May the first. Long live the struggle against exploitation! Viva la kampf contra le exploitation!