What actress did you have a crush on during your youth?

If you were a single guy, which actress in her prime would you…?

  • Phoebe Cates
  • Jacqueline Bisset
  • Lynda Carter
  • Farrah Fawcett
  • Lydia Cornell
  • Jaclyn Smith
  • Jane Seymour
  • Brooke Shields
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Diana Rigg
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Sela Ward
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Catherine Bach
  • Kelly Lebrock
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Tanya Roberts
  • Other
  • All of the above

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If you were a single guy and had an opportunity to make out with a leading actress during her prime, who would you choose?

I would choose Lynda Carter. She was hot during her Wonder Woman years. This was her during her prime: Carter on the beach

Michael Landon.

When I was six, I made myself a little tiara with his picture that I’d cut out of the cover of my grandmother’s t.v. guide.

Where’s the all of the above option?

Whoa, that’s a different question from what you ask in the poll!

Don’t be shy :sunglasses:

Jaclyn Smith:



Lynda Carter:



Phoebe Cates:



Olivia Newton John:



Jane Seymour:



Jacqueline Bisset:



Well, to answer the question in the thread title - Claudia Cardinale - even though I only saw her in one film - The Professionals.

This is weird seeing Western women being lusted after on F.com. That Large Hadron Collider must have had some effect…

Ha ha ha! :roflmao:

[quote=“reztrop”] Phoebe Cates:

Then: [photo of some Olympian][/quote]

WRONG! I think you meant. . .

Phoebe Cates
:nsfw: Then

(The unforgettable scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, of course.)

Although my first crush would have to be either the famous Farrah Fawcett poster or the Raquel Welsh Playboys my friend had. Phoebe was later.

I’d shag any and all of them. But then, I’m not picky. But no Jenny Agutter? What the hell is that all about?
Anna Ford off the 6 o’ clock news, too. I’d have done her right quick.

Mmm…Teri Hatcher.

Regina King
Then: (on the far left)

Kelly LeBrock

Jennifer Beals

Lonette McKee(in the middle)

Never a crush, just inspired…

I remember thinking that one of the daughters on the Cosby show was hot, near the end of the show (she must have been around 20 or something, when I was 24). Not a major star, but here she is. Had to Google her just now to find out who she was. Lisa Bonet.

Slightly NSFW:
img119.imageshack.us/img119/415/ … fw2vg7.jpg

I wouldn’t say I had a crush on her, though.

It may have been Jane Fonda as Barbarella watched through the fence of a drive in theatre that put me firmly in touch with my genitals for the first time. There was a crush, somewhere in my trousers as I recall.


Joan Severence

Carole Bouquet from 007 Your Eyes Only.

Francesca Annis from Dune, Krull, and Finding Neverland.

Stephanie Seymour from the 1989 SI swimsuit calendar.

Molly Ringwald, circa Pretty In Pink… :blush:

My answer is not Olivia Newton John, but I was thrown for a loop when she had her recent concert here.

They had her photo blown up and displayed on the Taipei Egg.
I took a look at it, and I assumed it was the latest teen pop queen or Miley Cyrus wannabe.

It was Olivia.

How they can make her look like she’s still a teenager is a wonder in photoshopping.

Be honest. Go back a page and look at the photo of her now.

How old does that girl look?

She’ll be 60 this month.

i went to that concert, had real close seats, and yup, she does look that good. (don’t ask, it’s definitely not my style but the tickets were comps).

good makeup artist, good diet, good home gym: comes from making a squillion bucks.

same can NOT be said for Iggy pop, or Keith Richards, i must admit. :sunglasses:

Jane Fonda was an early crush for me, as was Blondie (yes, she did act in a couple of films, including a great Cronenburg number). and that French lass, Catherine Deneuve.

Winona Ryder…I was OBSESSED!!!

Do you guys watch The L word? Jennifer Beal plays a lesbian…pretty nice sex scenes in there (unfortunately also a lot of what REALLY happens in lesbian relationships…whining about periods, bills, jealousy, lack of passion, midlife crises, cheating, groceries, being dumped for a guy after being a guinea pig for some bi woman etc etc etc)