What Advocates of Legalizing Pot Don’t Want You to Know

Ah, the yearly anti-pot article in the MSM. I await the backlash from the anti-science because it comes down on the wrong side of what I want crew. As for me, decriminalize, not legalize.

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I’d like to know where the data for the statistics on psychological problems comes from. I suspect a lot of the numbers come from mandatory rehab centres where people are serving out sentences in lieu of prison time. If a person is given the choice of telling a psychologist what they want to hear or becoming a bumboy in prison, I’m pretty sure dancing to a certain tune would be easy.

Decriminalization doesn’t allow private companies to make profit. So, it’ll be legalized. There will probably end up being some kind of health and safety legislation making it illegal for people to grow their own (lobbied for by the huge private pot companies in order to protect their market). People need to be careful about what they wish for.

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Oh god not the weed is a gate way drug thing again. No shit people who will do heroine later probably tried weed. I’m going to put out 100% of opiate users started with tobacco and or alcohol. It’ll be something close to it.

The study on schizophrenia and psychosis is not conclusive on weed being the cause. It’s more like people who are prone to those two things are more at risk using even a mild psychoactive drug, not a huge surprise there.

Legalize. Anything else is illogical.

Addiction is a mental disorder. Some people are more hardwire to it. We understand more and more now. Stop spending money in jailing drug users and keeping them there and perpetuating a cycle of them going back because they got a record now. And law enforcement money for people doing what they want to their body in their own homes. Spend all of that money in good rehabs and you’ll see things improve.


For once I am in complete agreement with Andrew. :sunglasses:

I’ve never smoked weed personally but have many friends back home in the ‘legal country’ who do , I think in a small way it does slow the brain down with heavy users but no more than alcohol does and minus all the alcohol fueled violence so I’m all for legalization. Helps fill the tax fund too, win win

I don’t think the article is saying that. What struck me was this part about the perception of the drug now:

This huge shift in public attitudes comes even though most Americans do not use the drug. Only 15 percent of people over 12 used it even once in 2017, according to a large federal survey. That year, only three million people tried it for the first time.

Instead, the change has been largely driven by decadeslong lobbying by marijuana legalization advocates and for-profit cannabis companies.

Those groups have shrewdly recast marijuana as a medicine rather than an intoxicant. Some have even claimed that marijuana can help slow the opioid epidemic, though studies show that people who use cannabis are more likely to start using opioids later.

In this vein Murder Mountain on Netflix seems pretty good

Haven’t started it yet, but I did watch the preview and added it to my list.

It’s interesting how States are strangling the Goose right out of the gate with taxes. NY is probably on the fast track to legalization…articles near daily on the con-pump-the-brakes side…and the Gov. actually said that if it legalization happens taxes will be low to promote competition with Massachusetts. Low taxes? In NY? bwahhaha Sher.

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I were a lad when weed came US$15 to the lid (ounce) and it was - maybe - a notch above rope hemp in terms of thc content. This is back when Ted Nugent was a rock god and cigarettes were US$0.35 a pack. Because it was illegal and therefore a huge hassle, I quit smoking altogether like 35 years ago. Got a job. Became the man. Etc.

Fast forward to 2012 and a younger co-worker fishes out his “tackle box” and a bong after a poker game in his garage. Next thing I know I’m outside the garage and I am somehow propped up, by my own legs amazingly enough, against their house and wondering just wtf just happened to me. I spend most of that night in my car wondering if the sun will rise again and when it ever be safe to drive home? (he and his wife came out multiple times trying to convince me to sleep on their couch). I finally drove home at dawn and slept for a day.

I’m telling this for its comedic value (which is high - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) but I have to say that the quality of mary jane has improved by leaps and bounds in the past 50 years.

Anyway, I do think that there is lots of evidence that cannabis has very powerful analgesic effects, to great benefit for man.


It makes you not mind remembering.

OK, that caused some serious flashbacks. :sunglasses:

Nice evocative description. But you’re obviously not from California. Even back then, you could get weed that strong in the Golden State, if you had the right connections.