What airline will offer full/best refund for ticket to Philippines?

I need to get a return ticket for my wife, who will be flying to Taiwan from the Philippines on a resident visa. She won’t actually use the return portion of the ticket, just need it to get through immigration, so I’m wondering if there is a way to avoid getting charged the usual cancellation fees on China Airlines, Eva, etc.

Usually you can’t get only the return flight refunded. Only the whole ticket, with none of the flights used.

To clarify, I will be buying two one-way tickets. (Actually, already bought the ticket from Philippines to Taiwan.)

In that case, you probably just have to choose one of the more expensive tickets. The cheapest ones tend to have cancellation fees, the more expensive ones are often very flexible.

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It depends the fare rules of the airline.
Read them before you buy.

If she has a resident visa, she should not need a return ticket. When you check in (Philippines end) they will ask to see an exit ticket (out of Taiwan, to whereever) or your Taiwan resident visa. You don’t need both.

If you’re worried about her being blocked on exit by the over-zealous Filipino security drones, you might as well just buy the cheapest possible ticket and then throw it away (about P3500). All of their airlines charge a minimum of P2000 refund fee even for the more expensive tickets, there are strings attached which you will have to check carefully, and you’ll spend about six hours on the phone to their “helpline” to actually get your refund. All in all, I’d say it’s not worth the trouble.

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