What am I not listening to?

I’m thinking of a song by Sting, but I can’t remember what it’s called. I don’t even remember the words, but something about keeping a bird in a cage by removing the door, or somesuch. Driving me crazy. What song am I thinking of?

‘If love someone, set them free’?

‘Canary in a Coal Mine’?

[quote=“Buttercup”]‘If love someone, set them free’?

‘Canary in a Coal Mine’?[/quote]

Yes, Buttercup, not “take off the door,” but set them free. Something terrible must be happening to my brain! Anyway, thank you very kindly. And I tried to say this yesterday, but the site seemed to hang up on me and I couldn’t submit and couldn’t log back on. But, thank you, thank you. That was driving me nutts.