What and how many electronics do you re-charge and use daily?


It really gets tiring charging electronics every night especially if forgot and then not fully charged for the next day. How many do you re-change and use daily?

I charge 5 and sometimes as many as 9 electronics every day/night and use every day.

  • 1 smartphone
  • 1 smartwatch
  • 1 iPad
  • 1 bluetooth headphone
  • 1 portable power bank/battery


  • 1 more smartphone
  • 1 MacBook
  • 1 more larger portable power bank/battery
  • 1 portable speaker


Just my iphone and my macbook.


I am about to downgrade to a phone that only needs to be charged once a week. In that case I will charge exactly 1/7 of a device per day.


I’ve realized I have either got to get a hold of my life or continue buying relatively useless electronics to charge.

Bluetooth headphones (1x every few days)
Phone (1x/Night)
Tablet (1x every few days)
Tablet Stylus (1x every few days)
MacBook (1x/Night)


Funny how they are not so useful when I’m laying on a beach somewhere.


Just my tablet, and frankly I’m thinking of getting rid of that and buying another Kindle instead - partly because of the 4-hour battery life, partly because I only read books on it anyway, and partly because Android is such a useless pile of crap.

My phone is an ordinary phone that needs charging about once a week. Fortunately Nokia is still making pretty good 4G-compatible bar-type phones, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re phased out completely


How so?
Millions of people would disagree.


I like Android on the phone but not so much on a tablet. And a lot of tablets have their own junkware that conflicts with basic Android.


Those people are all wrong :slight_smile:

I write software for a living, but on very resource-constrained devices. My job involves getting a lot of functionality out of not a lot. And here I am holding this device which runs at 20x the clock speed of the stuff on my bench, with four main CPUs and an array of GPU cores, plus 100x the memory on a DDR3 bus, and there it sits, thinking about who-knows-what for 15 seconds, while I’m waiting for it to do something trivial like render a page of text. FFS. 15 seconds is enough CPU time to forecast next week’s weather and play a few games of chess during idle cycles.

I get it. A general-purpose device demands a lot of general-purpose software overhead. But the way I see it is this: if my fingers can move faster than your UI can update the display, then you, the UI designer, got something wrong somewhere.

I don’t think it’s just me with one underpowered device: I’ve had several that do the same thing. A bit like Windows, they tend to start off OK and then become increasingly unresponsive over a period of months, even with a junk-cleaning app.

Then there are the inexplicable reboots, the occasional failed shutdown (which drains the battery and ruins it), hit-and-miss WiFi connectivity, touchscreen malfunctions in the presence of minor EMI or damp, pointless updates to the OS that break compatibility … maybe I’m a crusty old technophobe, but seriously, just give me something with clicky buttons on it and a proper RTOS underneath.

For what it’s worth, I think it started off as a very solid concept. Then somewhere along the line, somebody decided to make it like Windows, except more painful to develop software for. They forgot what sort of hardware it was going to run on, and what it was going to be used for.


and that’s good example of why Apple is so successful. They make all that kind of data secondary and instead focus on the user experience. Well they used to anyway.


Just my ROG phone. I use a desktop for my computing needs. Android FTW!

If anyone is wondering. The case didn’t come with that sun. I painted that.


I have a phine. Qhen it wont turn on anymore, i get a new phone. Try to stay away from batteries.

But i do have probably 10 flashlights. But recharging happens rarely maybe once a week.

So lets say 2 daily, phone and flashlight. I had no idea watches were recharchable!

Screens distract me too much from reality. Like many things, better only for occasional recreation. As i sit here typing on forumosa haha.


I could have been a combination doctor and astronaut and evangelist and yoga guru and motivational speaker… if not for screens distracting me.


Zero. No, I’m not Amish.


Well… what do I need to charge? I manage to charge my cellphone only once every two or three days, unless I make heavy use of it in which case it needs to be done daily. Then the camera… only when needed, which is much longer than that. And what else, what else… head lamps: same, only once in a while, especially if the weather sucks and I don’t need to use them.


I have a Asus laptop with a high powered USB port and use that to recharge everything.
P.S. Android FTW


Tablet almost everyday.
Battery maybe once a week
Camera sometimes


Currently in my household:

2 smart phones
2 power banks
1 nintendo switch
2 switch joy cons
1 switch pro controller

2 dualshock controllers
3 Digital camera batteries
1 laptop


You win!

I only charge the phone daily. Tablet every 2 to 3 days.

Powerbanks when I travel, if I travel only. Same with camera.

Poor laptop is gathering dust in a cupboard.


you also could have solved starvation and found the solution to world peace, all while meditating under your tree. tis a shame.