What and how many electronics do you re-charge and use daily?


iPhone 1 x a day (2 x a day on heavy usage days).
iPad 1 x a week.
Apple Watch 1 x a day.
AirPods 1 x a week.


The latest according to experts: DON’T charge devices at night! Fire hazard!


Those experts should be using their brainpower to help make aluminium batteries a reality instead.


Smart phone every two days, sometimes daily.
Macbook every day.

About every ten days I charge a kindle paper white (best device I own). I read on this device close to 8 hours a day.

About twice a year I charge a pair of headphones and a beard trimmer (I only have a beard during winters).


My iPhone daily , iPad every few days. Vacuum cleaner every few days.

Used to have to charge my wireless headphone but gave up and just use a cable for that.


Probably so.