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I sometimes ask this questions to taiwanese. “What’s your hobby?” or “What’s your interest?”, ’

you forgot #4, “shopping.”

Part of the problem comes from within, I believe, and part is due to lack of opportunity. What the hell else can one do in this hot, crowded, polluted little home? I once prepared a handout for my conversation classes asking who had ever been snow skiing, water skiing, camping, rock climbing, canooing, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, to a concert, on an overnight bicycle trip, etc, and no one had even done one of them. Then I realized, while one might be able to do some such activities here to a lesser degree, none of them would be nearly as easy to do as back home. So what activities should we expect of them: calligraphy, tai chi, stamp collecting? Better than the three that you listed, but still not all that exciting in my opinion.

and # 5: “making money”

(as one of my applicants stated in her application)


Oh come now.

My neighbors, father and two sons, all play the saxophone. I see people doing all sorts of things: hiking, playing tennis, and gardening–to name just a few.

Let’s give the Taiwanese more credit.


Of course, you’re right :blush:

I’m always amazed at the number of bird watching societies Taiwan has. I’m not a bird watcher but my aunt is, so I got some information for her. They seem quite active here.


And I see nothing wrong with “eating” as a hobby!


Followed by beer consumption as a hobby :wink: (or was that a religion!)

I still can’t accept eating as a hobby:)
eating is mandatory…fasting is good for health…but keeping eating as a hobby will only lead to obessity…



Followed by beer consumption as a hobby :wink: (or was that a religion!)[/quote]


Beer consumption is much too serious a matter to be dabbled in as a mere hobby. That would be degrading, to say the least.

There should be an emoticon to show “seriousness”.

BTW, we’ve been telling our little devil of a dog that an older and wiser visitor will be staying with us for the CNY break. We’re hoping JD has a good influence on our little rambunctious one, who now goes by the fitting title, “the Destroyer”.

[quote=“ax”]I still can’t accept eating as a hobby:)
eating is mandatory…fasting is good for health…but keeping eating as a hobby will only lead to obessity…[/quote]

I don’t ask that you accept it.

Eating is necessary… but we have discretion in what we eat. Sampling various fine pizzas is a wonderful hobby of mine. And it is very complementary to my more serious business of sampling various fine malt and hops brews.

Eating is a fine hobby, and it is one that I can enjoy even into old age and until death.

And for once, I couldn’t agree with Tigerman more – but I have developed a shocking, horrible problem over the past year. It seems I can no longer drink more than a litre of beer without getting a migraine-power all-day mother of all hangovers the following day. Whisky doesn’t do this, or wine. Only my favourite libation has this effect.

Oh great guru of all things hoppy, what can I do to end the torment? (This is a serious question, by the way).

A litre of OJ before hitting the sack wards off the hangovers for me.

Well, you could only agree with me “once” is such a way :wink:

:shock: What are you drinking?

To relieve hangover, the following recipies may work:

Hot Veggie Soup

Small Red Potatoes 3
Small Leek 1
Onion 1/2
Peeled Tomatoes 2
Thawed Green Chile 1/4 cup
Salt, Pepper and Tabasco Sauce (to taste)
3 cups Water or Broth
Coarsely chop all your veggies, and throw everything but the chiles in a pot. Bring to a slow boil, and add your chiles. Don’t add them all at once, add a little at a time and taste it. They will get hotter as they cook, so don’t add too much. Let it simmer for an hour or so, until the potatoes are soft.

Sour Spicy Juice

Tomato Juice 1can
Vinegar 3tbs
Lemons 2pcs
Onion (in slices) 1/3pc
Sugar 3tbs
Celery 4 stalks
Tabasco Sauce 3tbs
Salt and Pepper to taste
Mix ingredients in a container, let stand overnight. Strain and serve.

Make the soup and juice before you need it, no one wants to cook when hungover.

Hope these help. Got them from the HONG KONG BEER site.

A “Hair of the dog” is so much more fun.

Anton, not to pick on you, but you’re hanging around with the wrong people. My friends go to museums and art exhibits, teach and take dance classes, belong to bowling leagues, play competitive pool (snooker), etc. Many of my students take my classes because they enjoy learning. I’ve got one buddy who goes on archaelogical digs in Peng Hu and the mainland, another who climbs mountains most weekends. Both do these things with groups of Taiwanese people. My gym is full of body builders and athletes.

And what is wrong with eating? Sharing a meal and some grog (shameless borrowing from almas john, who’s book I’ve been reading lately) with a group of friends is a great way to enrich one’s intellect.

I do agree that there are too many TV drones out there, but that is true of my home country as well.