What are good schools/teachers and contact information for them?

Dear Everyone who reads this:

I’m trying to learn Chinese.

Have studied by myself, and with a private teacher for past five months.

Have been to some really bad Chinese classes before.

Want to find a good school and good teacher in said school to improve my Chinese.

I’d say I’m a lower-intermediate speaker, and have no experience writing (besides bu-pu-mu-fu).

I’d like to learn to do both, and am willing to dedicate 15-25 hour/week to do so.

Any advice?

Also, any phone numbers for said schools and teachers to request once I get there?


Please use the search function to locate information about specific schools – there is a lot already in the archives.

As for specific teachers, I don’t believe you would have much luck at some schools in requesting a specific teacher – particularly as a “new student”. At some smaller schools, or when you have more “seniority” (without, of course, overstaying the 2 year limit which teh government has determined is plenty o’ time to learn Mandarin!) you might have a better shot at it.