What are my options for moving to Taiwan?

Hi all,
I did my best to find the info I am looking for before asking such a general question.
I am in the middle of my second extended stay inTaiwan, and I really want to move here. I have no time frame, but would rather sooner than later. I appreciate any help you may be able to give.
About me:
American, 42 years old, no degree, high school grad with 3.33 gpa, no criminal record, learning mandarin via self study and tutor but still at beginner level. My skills include graphic arts, screen printing, music production, retail, horticulture. My GF is a Taiwanese citizen with a good job and English skills.
I really want to continue studying Mandarin, and am interested in studying here. I am open to any number of options that would allow me to live here. Housing is not an issue.
I am glad to answer any questions you may have. Deepest thanks for your time and any insight you may have.

Probably your best bet is to do an undergraduate degree in Taiwan, though they may look a bit askance at your age. But considering you’d be doing it in Chinese (right?), it’s a reasonable excuse and a worthwhile thing to do.

Without a degree, you probably know that it’s very difficult to get a work permit. You need a whole lot of years of related experience with documentation to do it, and it’s very uncommon. Once you have an undergraduate degree, with a US passport, you can get English teaching jobs.

The other option would be to get married, but…maybe not. Definitely not just to get residency in Taiwan. The familial issues are complicated enough when you’re in love.

As ironlady says, it will be difficult for you to get a job in Taiwan. There are lots of previous/ongoing posts here and people here that can give a lot more insight on working in Taiwan.

If you just want to live in Taiwan for awhile, take a Chinese class. American’s get 90 day visa on landing these days, so you could catch a cheap flight to Philippines or somewhere every 90 days. Some people do this for years.

Thank you for the input!

This would be my ideal option, as I really want to continue studying Mandarin. I did consider my age would be hurdle, would that necessarily put me out of the running for a scholarship as well? It also seems, by reading the MOE info, that a reasonable grasp of Mandarin is required. Do I understand that correctly?

Look into a “Taiwan Scholarship”. If I remember correctly, you can actually get 5 years worth of generous scholarship money if you apply for an undergrad degree. I think the first step is applying for an undergrad degree, then the scholarship. If you get accepted for both the school and the scholarship and need a year to get your mandarin up to par you can postpone enrollment, take chinese classes for a year, then start school and get scholarship money every month the whole time. Worth checking into

Another one is to start your own business, but it requires up-front investment and you have to hire Taiwanese staff (i.e., can’t just say, “I’m an independent English tutor”). Also, to maintain your residency, you need to show significant revenues. A few CPA firms advertise their services on this website, helping expats do this. If you have any real business ideas and enough up-front capital, you might contact one to see what the rules are.

Another question, to which I have found conflicting information on is, do you need a degree to work at all, or just teaching English? Specifically teaching music. I have taught many years in the states, at music stores offering classes and at schools. This would be my first choice, but would really accept almost any job here.
Thanks again for the help!