What are 'Quasars'?

The things in space. Slowly, please.

Like Quakers, except they gallop around on horses having glittering balls in St Petersburg and stuff, I think.

From a website that my uncle the rocket scientist told me about… howstuffworks.com
he rates it very highly.

Ooh, that’s fab Salvatore Armani. Just the kind of thing I was looking for. I am writing some kids materials about space. Unfortunately I am thick.

So they are like mebbe really big black holes or supernova remnants?

sandman, have you ever actually had glittering balls in Russia, or is this merely conjecture? All theories/explanations at this stage are useful.

You’re velcome.

Shiny things. Behind the sun.

down boy…sit and stay!

:wink: It’s a Nick Drake song.

I got silver sand stuck on them one time on the Black Sea. Does that count? They were more sparkly than glittery, though, according to witnesses.

You whippersnappers… you caught the old fart out again! :grandpa:

He confessed! And he’s still welcome round those Odessan fishermen’s bar, so I’ve heard…

A color TV made by Motorola


Aren’t they like Cheesy Wotsits but flat?