What are simple things that make you happy?

But it could be a hard question, really. I come into be stuck in stillness of life and start to wonder some beautiful philosophy , or just a thinking maybe. Nothing too serious. Now I just start on my own pieces of peace…

Current happy moments…
Wake up regularly…as my body clock works properly.
Drive my own scooter under cozy sunshine to work.
Occasionally talk to a kind elderly citizen, oh…or just a nice stranger( can’t
talk to some of my friends, they are being too complicated/busy sometimes…)
Walk into a neat noodle house and have a nice bowl of
beef noodles until its warmming up my tommy enough to fulfill a dinner time.
See people laugh genuinely.
Drive my scooter home by sunset.
Pick a good song and play it long enough to make it continue in my head…while I’m reading or editing on computer.
Receive a phone call from my family and hear those familiar voice telling their plain life.
Get tired as I’m supposed to be.
Oh…of course reading on Forumosa sometimes… :laughing: Sure.

So far, it certainly doesn’t sound productive as it can be, but at an inner poise, life just should be balanced, eh?
c’mon play along, would everybody sometimes run into such ordinary moments and share some with me :smiley: ?

Well, besides the obvious (beer, my wife, boy and dog), I am always nicely warmed inside when I see either of the following:

  1. A young girl walking down the street and she suddenly smiles or laughs to herself, in an almost shy embarrassed manner… I always wonder what she is thinking of that has made her suddenly happy; and

  2. A dog trotting (you know, the way a dog trots, not runs and not walks, when he/she is contented) down the street, free and happy, looking like he/she knows exactly where he/she is going… I always wonder what he/she is thinking of and where he/she is going…

She’s probably thinking about Tomas… :unamused: :wink:

Warm moments for me:
When my kittens’ butts rise up to meet the palm of my hand during a major butt pat session.

When I get my first pay on the 5th. When I get my second pay on the 15th.

When big fluffy matthew sends me cyber daisies. :wink:

When I parlo Italiano.

And I’ll be even happier when the weather heaves back down to below 15C so I can wear my new leather jacket. :smiley:
When Sandman comes back…

Apart from blowjobs?

Finding a song from my misspent youth on Kazzaaaaa!(lite)

Doing all the scans I can think of and having my computer come up clean and uninfected.

Cute adult students lingering after class to talk to me.

A kiss from my cat, except when she’s been playing with a roach.

A good run on the bike with a babe on the back.

People calling to offer me jobs I don’t need.

Strong hands and warm baby oil.

The way a certain cocktail waitress jumps up an down and squeals excitedly when I pause to pose halfway down the staircase into her bar.

Students stopping talking and correcting their tenses without prompting.

Spontaneously getting uproariously drunk when you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

Hittin’ the road. Being on your way without really knowing where you’re going or what you’re going to do when you get there.

Girls in leather jackets.

Getting or giving? :laughing:

A warm, open, unaffected smile from a pretty girl who serves me in a shop or passes me in the street. There’s nothing like it to get me humming and floating on air.

Going to a quiet shabu shabu restaurant. It takes an hour+ to finish this and it’s leisurely because I decide how fast to cook the stuff. If I’m stressed, this really slows down and relaxes me.

Typhoon holidays.

The GF calling in the evening to say she’s coming over, after my having just opened a cold one (beer) and turned on the teev to watch the last 30 minutes of the UFC… (sounds complicated, but with synchronicity comes simplicity).

Friends who are sober enough to:
a/. be the designated driver.
b/. rescue your lost clothes when you’re out on the piss and misplace a nice jacket (Alien, are you reaqding this???).

Babou, I have that nice jacket. You and THE GF will have to make a trip up to my palace to retrieve it before the weather breaks~

Looking up the sky and know that I am still ALIVE makes me happy!

Reading posts here at Forumosa makes me happy!

Getting emails from my friends makes me happy!

Checking out cute guys here in Taiwan makes me happy!

Sitting on a train headed out of the city.

“If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” - Sheryl Crow

In no particular order…

1.) rolling a natural 20 on a 1d20

2.) mastering a new throw

3.) friday night’s first drink

4.) hiking up monkey mountain

5.) watching my kids play in the park

watching a leaf floating slowly in the breeze outside my 10F window and thinking about my own imminent DEATH

playing with my gf’s two rabbits and watching how they love to have their noses patted




watching a hot babe walk down the street completely unaware (sure!) that no one is checking her out


  • Doritos and salsa
  • When my boomerang comes back
  • When Hon Hai goes limit up
  • Cold shower on a hot day
  • email from an old friend
  • Sailing downwind
  • Finding a gas station after cruising around all day with the empty gas tank indicator blinking
  • When GWB is out of the news

Don’t try following that leaf.

BTW: When are you going to put up an avatar? Or did you have one before and take it down?

LOL! I LOVE those dogs too! They’re always going somewhere REALLY interesting for some REALLY important business and everything is GREAT!

A really simple thing I like is when I come round after crashing out on a stone bench in the park, the Taichi women have left a polite circle round my dribbling form, and for a few hours my three dogs have been like those contented dogs, free to trot around and sniff delightful things without me bothering them or having them on the lead. I also like the way they lay down and sigh when I finally take them home, a kind of “Oh well, he’s sobered up” sigh! Bless! :wink:

sunday morning, drag myself out of bed and play a few ponies.

Cold Taiwan draft, green bottle.

Getting or giving? :laughing:[/quote]

Both! :smiley: But, one is definitely a tad bit better than the other. I’ll let you all decide which. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me:

  1. Hearing my bf laugh.
  2. Watching his face light up in a smile when we are meeting somewhere and he sees me walking toward him.
  3. Cuddling with him.

And, in the non-bf genre:

  1. Warm, chocolate chip cookies
  2. Sitting, eating, talking & laughing with friends
  3. Finding a quiet place to sit down and read a book
  4. Having a cute guy smile at me
  5. Knowing that you really helped someone improve their English
  6. That moment when you first lay down in bed after a hard day