What are Taiwanese students like?

I’m moving to Taiwan soon to teach English. I have worked in Japan, Mexico and most recently, S. Korea. I have a Cambridge certificate (DELTA) and was wondering if that would be enough to get a good job.
How’s the British Council here?
One more thing, what’s it like teaching Taiwanese people English? Meaning, what are they like in the classroom? What kinds of things do I need to be aware of? Are they motivated learners? I would probably be teaching adults.

Thanks very much for your feedback.

Don’t know about your qualifications, but as to teaching here…Well I haven’t taught before, like most ‘teachers’ here, this is my first foray. I have to say the kids can be OK, but get a few of them together in a giddy mode and they’re voices go right threw your brain, doesn’t do a hangover any good at all. Don’t know what happens to them later in life as the seem to suddenly become ectremely quiet and well mannered after about 14 yo.