What are the best bars in Wanchai, HK?

Many Taipei residents fly over to Hongkong frequently. Any idea where to go in Wanchai for a nice, normal pub ? Carnegies seems dead, Mes Amis over crowded with bla bla people who just want to be seen. What is good place ??

The Klong Bar’s not bad.

Klong Bar and Grill (Thai Cuisine)
G & 1st Floors, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Rd. Tel: 2217 8330

Head upstairs.


There are a few options right on Lockhart road. Carnegies generally busy later in the evening, have a ladies night Wednesdays, daily happy hour. Joe Banana’s usually good and busy, again later on at night which is on the same street corner Mes Amis, there is one next two Mes Amis in the basement, more a club but good music. Devil’s Advocate opposite Carnegies my favorite. Groovy Mule a bit further down on Lockhart towards Admiralty have very attentive service and usually a good atmosphere but have also seen it dead on a Friday at 10. Delaney’s show a lot of football and rugby, unfortunately the place is very much ran down and desparately needs some refurbishing. Behind Delaney’s is the Neptune Bar, good laugh! Food is the problem in all of those mentioned. Good for food (24 hour) and also a nice place is the Old China Hand, also on Lockhard right hand side if you walk towards Causeway Bay. Great for food opposite Carnegies on the 2nd floor is an Indian restaruante called the Curry Pot, can absolutely recommend it. They have a two table balcony as well and great to sit there in Autumn. Sure Bob Mrashall knows a couple of additional places.

Thanks. Couple of weeks ago, I went to Dusk till Dawn (street left just before Joe Banana’s, coming from Lockhart Road). They had a live band, mixed crowd of foreigners and locals, and quite busy. Not bad.
By the way, the “pub” food in The Bridge (across the street from Old China Hand) is quite good as well and the place is open 24 hours. See http://www.bridge-bar-hongkong.tk.