What are the best foreigner friendly banks in Taiwan in 2020?

Basically the new one, they finally have a deal with local companies and also discounted cinema tickets. Still annoyed and will be following up.

Incredibly rude and unprofessional organisation overall.

Is it this one?
Is not a good card anyways… ignore that crappy bank, just looking at their website gave me cancer.

It’s called iLeo 信用卡。 You are supposed to be able to apply online. Maybe it was too much mafan to do using their app so they just refused me.

As you can see their web link requires ID to be entered .

I can’t ignore them, I have too many financial dealings with them. I want fairness and transparency.

You can apply to other First Bank Cards via this form in English and even includes an ARC field. It hasn’t been updated in 2021 to include newer cards but you can show them that what they are saying is bull$h!t.

Thanks. I already guess they are just extremely unprofessional , lazy and happy to discriminate against their customers.

This is good for me to go back to them and deal with those assholes again.

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That’s dumb. You have a card there already? First bank does let foreigners apply

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Costco only takes Cathay. The other stores like 7-11, family mart, px mart, only accept cards from banks they consider “local” - so exclude the likes of SC, HSBC, Citi.