What are the best maps in both Paper and GPS?

I downloaded the new Papago update and my street, a few elementary schools and other things that have been here over three years are still not there. I bought a county map from Apple Publishing and the streets in my town have not been updated in about ten years. Heck, they did remove a rail-road station that hasn’t been there for thirty years but. hey…

Anyway, I’m looking for a decent up to date map that would at least have all the smaller streets if not the alleys on in. It would be great if it was on GPS but I’ll settle for paper.

The police, and the post office must have such detailed maps, how can I buy one?

Also, as an Armchair explorer, I’ve found that there are several towns in Pingtung and Taidong county that don’t seem to have any roads to them. Can this be? And Papa Go has several resorts in Taichung County that don’t have roads to them either. That’s plain lazy. The resort has it’s -phone number in it but they won’t add any roads to the map for a sponsor?

Anyway… Please help. Thanks.

I’ ve also been on the lookout for good maps, and they’re hard to find. I came home one night to find that the town had delivered a 1:15000 English/Chinese map of Daliao Township, Kaohsiung County which are given to every household. It’s simply an equisite map. A strange piece of serendipity, and a year too late to be useful for my local explorations, but there you have it.

Anyway, on to the info that may be useful to you: It is published by the ministry of the interior, and it was compiled by Sun River Culture Co. ltd. Sunriver has a wealth of maps available commercially, and I’ve bought a few of their “High Mountain Maps” which are available at any outdoor gear store.

Sorry I can’t provide more info on tracking down the MOI township maps, but at least we know that some good maps exist out there. Please keep us informed about what you find.