What are the best things to do during rainy days?

The rain will go on for another week.

So I think the best thing to do during the rainy days would be: Posting.

How is that any different?

Okay, the idea is not creative!


Okay, I am not creative.

F.com has been broken for 4 hours or so, and yet within 20 mins of it coming back, all the usual suspects are posting. Are we addicts or what?

No, it is becuase of a rainy day.

Yup. It’s the Internet for me. Today’s a lazy day.

Clean out that back room! Carve a name chop! Write some calligraphy! Do some painting or drawing! Learn an ancient language! Rearrange the apartment! Write a book!

I’m downloading. Just happened by this place. :wink:

Post on the forums! Watch TV! :slight_smile:

(Actually, we did clean the apartment today.)

I am writing, but not writing for the forums.
It just happens that I am stuck with my computer, internet and writing.

well…deny is a sign of addiction.

Personal study (including Chinese). Catch up on emails. Practice studio photography.

Well, I’ve had a productive rainy weekend. Scanned and uploaded about 50 photo’s taken a few years ago in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and Nepal, and listened to The Pogues live. Damn fine band - I can’t listen to the studio stuff anymore, coz the live stuff is the dog’s bollocks. Fecking great, even if Shane is pissed as a newt. Drank some beer, which I hardly ever do. A good weekend.

Get dressed for a soaking, no rain coat, no socks, just a simple top and shorts and go cycling, it’s great! I forgot how fun it was to get completely soaked in the rain until this week.

Yeah, I’m scanning now too. Oracle bone rubbings to isolate and incorporate in my book. Tedious process, best saved for a rainy day.

drive in a car to yangmingshan and take in the hot springs. so fun in the heavy rains.

With young child – go to Taipei library next to Taan park where they’ve got a good collection of childrens’ books, come home for nap, see if forumosa is working, rent a movie, draw, paint, check again to see if forumosa is working, bake bread, fix a few things, play puzzles, build block tower, check again to see if forumosa is working, read stories before bed.