What are the Government Quarantine Facilities like?

The food in the video in the link you sent looked pretty decent to me. I would happily pay for that!

Are these photos all really from centralised government facilities? Even the most basic ones look very livable, especially considering the Taiwanese government is footing the bill.

You have to pay 1500 or 2000 a night

Are you sure? When I called the CDC to check if they would have space they said that arrivals from the UK, staying in government facilities, would have their stay completely paid for. I’m not saying I expect that kind of treatment, that’s just what they have told me.

They also told me I don’t need to book anywhere, I just turn up, and if my flight has come from the UK, I am guaranteed a place in a facility (for free). I just have to pay for my taxi/train back to Taipei afterwards.

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People who can do quarantine at hotel also can use government quarantine facility for 1500 or 2000 NTD/day.

More articles in Chinese

Scroll down, then pictures of each day’s meals

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But does that apply to people who don’t have a choice and are required to stay at the government facilities? It sounds like some people have chosen to stay at the facilities to save money and then been displeased with the quality they get for 1500/2000 a day. From my understanding, if you’re coming from the UK or a few other places, it’s provided for free.

Speak to the government, dont trust stuff like this on random strangers on the internet


I’m not sure but I highly doubt that. Taiwanese people like to save money so they would fly to UK before returning home to TW if it means free quarantine.

yes, they can choose if they pay. You cannot, so for free, maybe if you have an ARC or resident visa.
This is from the above linked site on people from Philippines, but maybe the same for UK.

自菲律賓入境旅客,均需於集中檢疫場所接受檢疫 14 天。外國籍人士(持居留證或居留簽證者除外)需自費(每日 1,500 元)接受集中檢疫;國人及其他外國籍人士(持居留證或居留簽證者)集中檢疫費用由政府支應。

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Haha yeah good point. Thanks for the input though!

Thanks for the link to the meals, that’s useful to know. I’d be happy eating most of that. Might take a whole load of instant noodles just in case though

Quarantine is indeed free in these government facilities for Taiwanese nationals and ARC holders flying from the UK, because they are required to stay there. Same for people from Wuhan and the Philippines before, and the UK & Australia begpacker couple. They might have to pay for meals though.

For comparison, this was my NT$2000/night room at a Kaohusing quarantine hotel.


I have a special entry permit so, as things stand at the moment, I’m still OK to enter. I got my passport back with the entry permit just in time for my hotel and airline to cancel on me!

Looks like good value for money.

Still think some people would make a stop in UK so they can save some money. And some people flying from UK doing a stop somewhere else so they don’t need to stay at the government facilities.

Damn, that Kaohsiung hotel looks nice. Should have seen pics of that plus name before I went to Taoyuan. I paid 2800 for similar room, not as nice bathtub, no balcony (food better than the government facility for sure - but still order once a day for 200-400NTD some food). Still think my hotel was a good choice for Taipei/Taoyuan region…

And the quarantine taxi down is 4000 NTD if I remember correctly right now. Here it’s 1000 even if the meter shows like 600… So you saved quite a lot of money - (HSR back is 1490 max) and had a nice balcony…

It’s NT$2,660 from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung. The fares are capped at NT$1,000 in northern Taiwan. If the meter shows 600, then you pay 600. It’s only when the meter goes over NT$1,000 that you save any money.

well, my driver did not switch on the meter! I guess they do that on purpose because it would be 650 or so with no traffic (or is there an airport surcharge?). I’m fine with that, having heard they wait long time to pick up people plus all the disinfectant they spray on you (haha).

And my oral chinese is good enough. Asked why no meter - he said because it’s 1000 no matter the real price…

Actually have some friends needing a quarantine hotel - could you tell me the name of this one?

I can PM you their contact info, but I believe now only Kaohsiung residents can book quarantine hotels in Kaohsiung.

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