What are the Government Quarantine Facilities like?

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I am hoping to come to Taiwan soon, from the UK. I already have my Special Entry Permit, but due to the surge in cases of the new Covid-19 strain in the UK I’ve had several flights and hotel bookings canceled. There are still indirect flights left but I am hoping to wait until the case numbers start to subside here before I come (if they ever do subside).

I know that when I arrive, I will need to spend my quarantine time in the government’s central facility, but does anyone have any information as to what those places are actually like? I completely understand the government’s decision to use these centers for people coming from the UK and I obviously realise that there are more important things that people are worried about, but I’d quite like to know whether I need to pack a load of food for myself to eat there for two weeks, whether they have decent internet there since I’m supposed to be working online whilst I’m in quarantine.

If I travel from the UK but transit in a third country, is there a guarantee that I will have a place at the center when I arrive? (Since it might be less obvious to that I am coming from the UK)

I understand that these sound like really petty, selfish questions, when there are so many other problems, hence why I don’t really want to call the CDC and ask them. Does anyone here have any info?

I would wait until after CNY, there is a shortage of rooms before then.

A lot of people complaining about government facilities


This post may be informative.

Second image doesn’t look all that bad if you had a proper office chair, pillow, and some more lights delivered.

To be fair those photos look fine to me, although the pan under the bed is a bit alarming. I am just a bit worried about what the food is like (although I’m certain it is much better than what the UK would offer if the situation was reversed). When would you guess the high numbers of travelers for CNY will subside? I imagine they want to be here for the 12th February, so they will want to be coming for quarantine from Jan 28th/29th at the latest, right?

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Where did you find those pictures? I can’t find any info on the facilities anywhere

You should check Skyscanner. It will give you all the info you need.

That looks more like a room for rent in 591.

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Pictures from recent article from Taishang complaining

More pictures here.


Looks ok. I wouldn’t complain if it’s clean.

Haha well that’s why Taishang are trouble. Sending around photos and complaining that was like prison

The basic one (#3) is hopefully the special kept for the Taishang who complain.

The food in the video in the link you sent looked pretty decent to me. I would happily pay for that!

Are these photos all really from centralised government facilities? Even the most basic ones look very livable, especially considering the Taiwanese government is footing the bill.

You have to pay 1500 or 2000 a night

Are you sure? When I called the CDC to check if they would have space they said that arrivals from the UK, staying in government facilities, would have their stay completely paid for. I’m not saying I expect that kind of treatment, that’s just what they have told me.

They also told me I don’t need to book anywhere, I just turn up, and if my flight has come from the UK, I am guaranteed a place in a facility (for free). I just have to pay for my taxi/train back to Taipei afterwards.

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People who can do quarantine at hotel also can use government quarantine facility for 1500 or 2000 NTD/day.

More articles in Chinese

Scroll down, then pictures of each day’s meals

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But does that apply to people who don’t have a choice and are required to stay at the government facilities? It sounds like some people have chosen to stay at the facilities to save money and then been displeased with the quality they get for 1500/2000 a day. From my understanding, if you’re coming from the UK or a few other places, it’s provided for free.