What are the Government Quarantine Facilities like?

For sure.
I would like to know if somebody was transferred from a government facility to nice hotel just by asking politely. They knew we have problems there from day 1. But they didn’t offer to transfer until one full week of complaining. So I think this option is not so easy to get.
I never insulted anyone working there and always pointed to the goverment. The purpose has been always to go back to home quarantine.

You don’t know because you didn’t try. But there are multiple ways to say what you said without being aggressive, swearing, playing dumb etc.

They would be breaking the law to allow you to do home quarantine.


I think I did in one of the phone conversations, but because I didn’t thought to be possible I didn’t insist.

Of course. I knew it was impossible. But I can’t just be there and not complain. I totally disagree with this policy, why should I stay quiet and not complain? It makes no sense.
I only thought, if someone really makes big trouble maybe they will consider to allow home quarantine in the future. Because I don’t see they are thinking too much about people who really have to go out from Taiwan and come back frequently. The cost, economically, is too high. But they just don’t care. So, any work done to bring back home quarantine is welcome. At least this is my opinion and I will keep doing everything I can. Complaining, swearing, everything to the limit of what is legal.
And let me ad, not because it’s a government decision it’s automatically legal.

Just curious, where exactly is this facility located? Mountain area? Around Taipei somewhere?

That is your right. But I am telling you the local population will not be very sympathetic to your methods. If you want to make the video anyway, be my guest.


Some would certainly love to tear apart “ungrateful Westerners” and totally neglect any shortcomings on the part of the government.


This is exactly what would happen. In fact, it would probably happen even if you had been faultlessly polite throughout the process.


I will think about that for the video, thanks.

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Actually the text has three parts, government facility review, short “good” hotel review and the part about how I accomplished it.
Maybe there’s another thread… “how to accomplish things in Taiwan”. Wait two days and move it there. :joy:
Or maybe “the art of complaining”. Maybe I should write a book about that. :thinking:

I disagree. Maybe it’s not “nice”, but clearly it’s effective. The locals are definitely doing the same.

FWIW, one of my friends got past the one person per room rule by getting a prescription for Adderall and claiming he used it to treat narcolepsy. He was able to room with his girlfriend who arrived on the same flight as him and was also vaccinated. They split a 100k suite in Hsinchu with a big balcony, separate living/bedroom, and it didn’t look too bad at all to be honest.

Logic departed a long time ago in Taiwan’s fight against Covid. Feel free to use whatever means necessary (that won’t get you thrown in jail) to make your quarantine experience better.


Even in China you get two one hour garden breaks a day.


I think I missed the last two. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I couldn’t send some of the messages you sent but you are right and the truth is you only got moved because you were an arse.

You don’t have to take every plate of shit they hand you just because there is a pandemic. If they are going to let people come in, then provide appropriate accommodation/food.


Does anyone know if this is still valid and if it is if there is any change to the details?

Is the government only paying for quarantine for passengers coming from Myanmar or all the countries in the list?

This is link of from July and I haven’t found anything more recent about it.

“people entering Taiwan via airport or port who have visited Myanmar in the last 14 days (transits included) will be required to quarantine in group quarantine facilities”

“ Such persons will not be required to pay group quarantine facility accommodation and testing fees.”

“The CECC pointed out that the list of “key high-risk countries” currently includes the following eight countries: Brazil (Gamma variant), India, the UK, Peru, Israel, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and, newly added to the list, Myanmar (Delta variant)”

All of the countries on the list.

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So … people who (might possibly) have COVID are going to be locked up for 14 days with a bunch of other people who definitely don’t? What an excellent plan! Is there literally nobody in a position of power who is prepared to tell these halfwits to take a running jump?

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So this happened:

What made those heavily affected countries lose their key high risk area status? Because if the reasons said int he article, that “ no travelers from the three nations to Taiwan have been confirmed to be infected with variants of the coronavirus in the past two months, the CECC said” cough…hotel lobbying…cough is what made them change their status, I’m speechless.


As per the ranting in the humbug thread, it seems highly unlikely that any of this stuff is grounded in logic, science, or concern for public health. That announcement makes zero sense.


Doesn’t make any sense. In what way “Taiwan eases quarantine rules”? You still have to be in closure for two weeks, on top of that people from these countries will have to pay for the hotel so I would not call it “eases”.