What are the Government Quarantine Facilities like?

Hi! Thanks for posting about your experiences in Kaohsiung. There are like dozens of reviews of quarantine in taipei, but yours is the only one I found so far about Kaohsiung.

Could you also provide me your contact for finding a quarantine hotel in Kaohsiung? My family is from that city.

Hi! Thanks for posting about your experiences in Kaohsiung. There are like dozens of reviews of quarantine in taipei, but yours is the only one I found so far about Kaohsiung.

Could you also provide me your contact for finding a quarantine hotel in Kaohsiung? My family is from that city.

my quarantine experience so far is horrible. the hotel people are friendly though. I’m in Taipei, in a small room windowless. 2900 a night. I feel I need to contact the authorities asap so I can be transferred to somewhere where I can see outside. the

Didn’t the foreign affairs police already help you transfer from a non-quarantine hotel? I believe you only get one chance of changing your residence during quarantine. Quarantine hotels are at capacity as citizens abroad return for Chinese New Year.

If you decided to ask, do your homework first and find an available room you are fine with. The foreign affairs police is not your travel agent. And every time you transfer, you add to the burden and risk of Taiwan’s COVID containment efforts.

You can check available rooms in Taipei City here:

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The FAP are actually going over and above to help people book. They said if someone has issues booking to let them know and they’ll help.
Of course it’s not good to take advantage too often but only for serious issues.

Yeah, but a windowless room for two weeks? That’s like torture.

Windowless would send me insane

Yes, but what they should have done is do their homework and pick a quarantine hotel room to their liking in the first place.

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The problem is that lots of foreigners coming to Taiwan apparently expect comfortable quarantine digs at “low” prices, which basically doesn’t exist.

You’d think people would have the common sense to consider whether they really want to travel and quarantine for 14 days before coming here in the middle of a pandemic, but…

With CNY, new virus strains and the hospital cluster, Taiwan should just temporarily suspend new entries on the Gold Card. It’s creating more problems and risk than it’s worth.

Based on some of the comments here recently, I’m not even convinced Taiwan is going to generate substantial tax revenue from these people because, based on some of the comments here recently, there seems to be a surprising number of GC recipients who don’t even understand the income tax implications of their Taiwan residency.

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I did my homework, but when I got to the hotel it wasn’t a quarantine one. I’m sure that ain’t my fault as these things change.
I’m in a windowless room, can’t fault me for that. it’s already making me depressed.

I have quarantined before. I have no problem with that. problem I have is being in a windowless room, paying 2900 a night.

isn’t this an issue with most foreigners though. Yeah, people forget if you spend more than six months in a country you’re on hook for a tax bill. I’m sure here it’s 183 days.

That should not even be allowed. Fire hazard danger etc are main issues. I think it is not even allowed to rent a room like that in normal rental contract (although many do) because of the same reason.

It always strikes me just how expensive Taiwan can be when compared to the locals’ incomes. Thailand is much more reasonably priced. For the price you pay for a windowless torture chamber in Taipei for quarantine you can get a decent 3.5/4 star hotel in Bangkok and be served proper food. Not slop.

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That sucks, but you chose to travel to another country during a pandemic.

Actually in Taiwan you have a tax liability if you spend more than 90 days a year here.

As for “most foreigners”, I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I don’t really have much sympathy for people who want privileges but fail to understand their responsibilities. My expectation is that going forward, this sort of irresponsibility is only going to make it harder for those of us who do the research and understand our obligations before traveling/immigrating.

There are hotels (legal) that have rooms without windows.

You’re much safer in a windowless room that has a smoke and CO2 detector than you are in a windowed room that doesn’t have a smoke and CO2 detector.

(2) “Residents” of the R.O.C.
An individual who stays in the R.O.C. for 183 days or longer within a taxable year is regarded as a resident, and the individual income tax shall be declared and assessed by a progressive rate (see Article 15) on the amount of his/her net consolidated income (taxable income) which shall be the annual gross consolidated income (including the various incomes derived within the R.O.C. and the remunerations derived outside the R.O.C. for services rendered in the R.O.C.) minus the exemptions, deductions, and basic living expense difference.
GC holders being residents. but yeah non resident foreigners more like 90 days. thanks for the info

maybe there’s a local rate, you can only know if you’re a local lol

Note that “tax residency” is different than “residency” as most people think of it.

If you are a GC holder, you have the right to reside in Taiwan, but that doesn’t make you a tax resident. Tax residency is determined based on the number of days you are actually in country.

Let’s say you get your GC on January 1, but you don’t physically arrive in Taiwan until September 1. At the end of the year, you would not be considered a tax resident for the year because you would have been present in Taiwan for less than 183 days.

Did they lie to you and tell you it’s a quarantine hotel when it’s not?

B. For an individual who stays in the R.O.C. over 90 days but less than 183 days within a taxable year, individual income tax shall be declared and computed according to the withholding rate (see Article 16) on his/her income derived from sources in the R.O.C., including the remunerations derived from abroad for his/her services rendered in the R.O.C.

Source: https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/etwmain/front/ETW118W/CON/580/7862277933674472859?tagCode=

Bumping this thread again because it seems to be newly relevant, with mandated stays in the government quarantine facilities (I guess?) if you’re coming from “key high-risk countries”.

So if I’ve got it right, anyone who has been in any of the current high-risk countries in the past 14 days is stuck in these places, rather than a presumably-better quarantine hotel, or home quarantine.

Note: maybe I’ve got this wrong and “government quarantine facilities” are not the same as “group quarantine facilities.”

Quote from CDC announcement linked below, emphasis added:

A. Travelers arriving in Taiwan from “key high-risk countries”(including those who have visited those countries in the past 14 days and those who have transited in those countries): after they enter Taiwan via airport or port, such travelers will be required to quarantine in group quarantine facilities for 14 days and undergo PCR tests for COVID-19 upon checking in at group quarantine facilities and at the end of their quarantine period; such travelers are not required to pay group quarantine facility accommodation and testing fees. Currently, “key high-risk countries” include Brazil, India, the UK, Peru, Israel, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

B. Travelers arriving Taiwan from countries other than the seven countries will be required to stay in a quarantine hotel or a group quarantine facility at their own expense for 14 days after arrival; they shall also undergo a PCR test before the end of their quarantine period.

Bump prompted by this post, but discussion is currently spread over a bunch of threads: