What are the main rules for driving on freeways?

any info on driving on freeways would be appreciated, thanks. specifically : what vehicles are /are not permitted? what speeds are permitted/can you get away with? what are the rules on hogging the centre lanes or blocking the shoulders? can you do U turns at gaps?

some of these questions have really kept me awake at night, and i am beginning to get grey hairs, and i often wake up in a cold sweat…

There are rules??

go fast on the shoulder
go slow in the right lane
touch bumper with car ahed at 110kmh
try u-turn just about anywhere then stop at the centre barrier you haven’t noticed for 34km
talk on phone, light cigarette, peel beetle nut, change nappy, change CD, have argument and drink hooch at the same time
special for blue trucks: don’t tie down your load and have a few extra amphetamines to help the time pass
see a police car and suddenly brake despite being under the speed limit[ul][/ul]

I am sure some well experienced drivers will actually give you some ggod driving tips, until these appear check my system (not recommended, and not just about freeways)

As another driver from Aus here who has been unable to find rules or be told rules I use the following in order of safety after 3 years.

  1. Take particular care going through a green light. This is the time of maximum danger from other drivers coming on through.

  2. Everybody will always be pulling out in front of you because they get to be first and in the right. Be prepared for this, don’t get angry about it. Its just the way things are done.

  3. As in other countries a car partly pulled out onto the road may be hiding a participant from item 2 who will be pulling out without looking.

  4. Maybe this should be number one. Expect a car coming at you on your side of the road on a blind corner. As in item 2, this is normal and be prepared and don’t get angry.

  5. Freeways. Watch out for the double decker buses. They swerve into your lane whenever they feel like it. Otherwise, just drive in the lane of your choice and try to leave stopping room that will be filled in all the time by others so its a closer gap than you may be comfortable with.

Beware of poorly lit, badly guarded roadworks and roadcrew on freeways at night.

Bewre of cars overtaking you and then pulling off the freeway at the last minute, thereby effectively cutting you up.

Some drivers, depending on what car you drive object to being overtaken. They will sometimes speed up just to be pig-headed and wont let you pass. Just slow down and wait for them to carry on or they will try to race you.

Beware of black Mercs with reflective number plates. They often weave in and out of traffic at speed because the drivers think they are important. Let them be.

Always use your mirrors. No one else does in Taiwan so you are at a distinct advantage safety wise.

Larger vehicles than yours always have right of way.

More expensive vehicles than yours always have right of way. Note that this is calculated as at the time of purchase. Thus a 20-year old BMW still has right of way over your Honda, though it might be worth less on the open market.

Anything behind you doesn’t exist anymore. The person who just put their nose ahead of you can now pull into your lane, without signalling.

If you leave safe stopping distance between you and the next car in front, someone will immediately slip into that gap.

There are only two speeds to drive at, too fast, and too slow.

When it rains, speed up. Everyone knows that radar doesn’t work in the rain, so no need to worry about speeding tickets.

If you break down, put your warning triangle at least 500m behind your car. Very important people on busy schedules drive in the right-hand (VIP) lane at very high speeds. They may be too busy with important phone calls etc. to notice your pathetic little car stopped in the VIP lane. Put your triangle out, get off the freeway and wait for the breakdown truck from the other side of the barrier. Hope that it arrives before the next VIP.

It’s normal for people to drive alongside you on otherwise empty stretches of freeway. They think it’s safer to travel in groups, two or three abreast.

Many Taiwanese cars feature an autopilot system and do not require driver input. It’s normal to see the driver’s head in profile, microphone to lips, enjoying a karaoke session or watching a movie. Please don’t honk your horn as it makes it difficult to keep up with the subtitles.

thanks for the advice, folks…some of which was no doubt intended to be FUNNY. i have seen many of these IMPORTANT RULES in action before: i have actually been around the island on freeways once in other people’s cars, but did not learn much on account of being either asleep or having eyes closed for fear of approaching impact…oh, that’s how EVERYONE drives here.

i take it that nothing with less than four wheels and four cylinders is allowed? seems safer that way, anyway…

BTW, geez, i hate it when the building sways in the wind (14 floors up) …i am a touch jumpy today for some reason.

[quote=“urodacus”]thanks for the advice, folks…some of which was no doubt intended to be FUNNY.
[/quote]At least cynical :wink:

No limit on cylinders, but at least four wheels. I have a few friends with big bikes that have been on the freeway (despite the law) and said it wasn’t real fun. Every tenth car or so would try to run them off the road as soon as they spotted them.

Just assume everyone out there is a stupid, drunken myopic retard with an attitude problem and you’ll do fine. The few that aren’t will appreciate the extra space you give them :wink: