What are the most popular drinks amongst foreigners?

What are the most popular drinks among foreigners in Taiwan? Sometimes when i’m really beered up, I lie on the bar observing everyone, and I think most foreigners will buy whatevers cheap and not too nasty. Especially English Teachers watching the budget. Am I right? I’m thinking that Tai Pi stuff, the daught Taiwan beer, is popular.
The point of this thread is not what is the best, but what is the most popular.

The cheapest.

Krug '69.

Taiwan Biiru.

I drink Heineken when I’m out and Japanese beer at home, however I went through a gin or vodka and lemonade phase. However most of the people I drink with have an odd preference for red wine.

I wouldn’t drink at a bar with someone lying on it. But that’s just personal preference.

At the Tavern-Premier it is Heineken
Draught! :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends who’s lying on it :smiling_imp:

Me, I drink either Carlsberg or Corona whereever possible. Used to drink Taipi, but recently woke up to the fact it tastes like the smell of body odor.

Who is not keeping a secret? :noway:

captain, I’ll take your guiness over a heiny any day o the week. :slight_smile:

Asahi Super-Dry is a great beer. So too is honey beer (e.g. “Natural Blonde” and “Beez Neez”). On the other hand, all American beer (including Foster’s, because only Americans drink it) is far from great.

My favourite drink at the moment though is this cocktail:

Vodka infused with fresh chilli + Lychee liquer, plus a dash of ginger syrup, topped-up with soda water. Blend in a kiwifruit, a couple of strawberries, and a little muddled lime or lemon. Delicious!


Oh, you don’t know. We keep the good stuff in the US and sell the crap to you Aussies (as payback for selling that crap Fosters).

There are some absolutely wonderful American microbrews.

This one is adored by hexuan:

And if you are a hophead, the US hyper-hopped microbrews are where its at:

Another fine American brew

If you’re not drinking good beer…its your fault.

Oh, TC, that Bigfoot is nice for laying down for 10 years! :slight_smile:

I don’t drink too much, so at home I usually have whatever I can get from the convenience store in a six pack. Usually Kirin Ichiban biiru. Sometimes Michelob Dark or Bar Beer. When I go out, I like to get something better. At Alleycat’s it’s wine. At Taipei Sportsbar, it’s Boddingtons. At other places, it’s whatever they have on tap. I haven’t seen Heinekens on tap before. Guess I have a reason to go to the Tavern now.

[quote=“Tigerman”]Oh, TC, that Bigfoot is nice for laying down for 10 years! :slight_smile:[/quote]TM -
It is quite nice. The bar I frquented in Seal Beach had Sierra PA on tap at a lovely $2.50 US per large pint. (It was $2.00 for many years). And we had the Big Foot several times as a seasonal addition. Truly fine beer.

I also introduced Arrogant Bastard to another place a friend runs. Excellent…just excellent. I have the t-shirt.

As for laying it up for 10 years - It would require me either entering a monastery or becoming comatose - I just could not wait…lol!