What are the open container laws in Taipei? BYOB policies?

Apologies in advance if this is one of those questions posed umpteen times in the past, but many are the times I’ve walked past a 7-11 late at night where young hipsters are congregating and brandishing beers. I’m referring specifically to one near the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT stop. In another 7-11 by the SYS Memorial Hall, I saw a guy calmly sipping a cold one at a table. I confess to being somewhat nonplussed at the sight though in retrospect, the very idea of buying beer at a 7-11 is a bit alien to me. This was indoors however, and not quite so brazenly in the street as the other example. I presume this might be allowable if 7-11 is considered a restaurant which again, is a novel thing for me to accept.

I’ve also noticed guys downing beers in a public park near Shi Da but I figured that to be on the sly. As for myself, I’ve been known to carry home a cold one in my messenger bag from which I’ve taken the occasional nip from time to time.

Also, what is the convention regarding BYOB? I arrived in Taipei recently having lived in a small midwestern chinatown for the last 15 years. All of the restos and noodle joints allowed me to bring in beer with no exception nor “corkage” fee. So far, I’ve never been refused in Taipei but I usually at least get a quizzical look (sue me, I likes beer with me chow) like I’ve just beamed down from my starship. One place tagged me with a $30 NT surcharge (I didn’t argue; it was late). On another night, the very same place didn’t charge me though I was the first to bring it up when they totted up the bill.

Of course, it ought to go without saying that if a place sells beer, then of course, I will buy THEIR beer rather than bring my own. And naturally, it’s up the individual resto to set their alcohol policy; I’m just trying to see if there is some established convention (and possibly gain some insight as to the prevalent attitudes towards drinking).

you can drink almost anywhere here, being drunk might be a different story, and you aren’t supposed to on buses (although I do on trains and long distance buses with no fuss so far). The restaurant that tagged on the fee probably also sold beer but didn’t have it displayed. Kind of strange to bring your beer to a restaurant I would think but if they dont care, why not do it? Enjoy.

Drinking on the premises of a 7 is truly one of the best things about this country.