What are the red peppers called?

During my visit to Taipei, I noticed lots of red peppers (usually cut up and placed in a sauce bowl with soy sauce). I would love to get some more in the United States, but don’t know the english name for them.


I’m sure there is a technical term for them but you’re simply looking for red chillies. They’re usually about an inch long, I’m sure that any American supermarket or grocery store will sell them.

I think they’re bird peppers or Thai peppers, similar to the African birdseye, Capsicum frutescens.

that’s much more a Hong Kong accompaniment than a Taiwanese one. Lao ban looks sideways at me in most stores when i ask for it here.

any old chili will do that for you. the shorter the chili when ripe, the hotter, so perhaps the birds eye chili may be hotter than you bargain for. and for something even hotter, try to find some mouse dropping chili. another Thai variety, but hard to find in Taiwan.