What are the songs that play in Daiso near Taipei Main Station?

Not sure which forum to put this.

The Daiso near exit M8 of Taiepi Main Station always plays the same two songs that I can’t help but sing along when I’m there. Does anyone know the names of these songs? Shazam has failed me twice.

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I reckon we need a sample

I’ll get one the next time I’m in there. Maybe I’ll just ask the workers there :thinking: . Idk why I didn’t think of that.

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Another tango42 topic saved…

Wait a minute, I’m not @Marco

You aren’t tango!


Try Google’s “Search a Song” feature. If you remember the tune, you can sing/hum the melody at home and the algorithm might be able to identify it (It’s worked for me even with 台語 songs)

Here you go

There’s a playlist in Spotify

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I think I saw that one. If it’s the 44 song playlist.

It be a lot of songs

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Welp I’ve got my work cut out for me