What are the top 5 venues in Taiwan whose schedules you follow so you have ideas for where to go for music and the performing arts?

Do you remember GigGuide?


Could there be something like that again? I’m wondering if we could get a few venues (20 or 50?) to use a calendar system like Time.ly (or Time.ly compatible system they already are used to) and thereby automatically make their schedules available to be consolidated into a dynamic, up to date shared events calendar.

If people wanted to write about the acts and performers that were being made visible in the shared calendar - like GigGuide did - great! It could be distinct the shared schedule. Maybe they could be paid out of a Patreon campaign.

With a critical mass of places sharing their schedules, other and smaller venues would be encouraged to use Time.ly’s free calendar to share their events, and further enrich the shared calendar.

What do think? Could you post some places whose events you think you would like to follow if you could browse a single events guide in English?

Let me start: it would be cool for me to know about performances or activities at:
The Red Room
National Theater
The Taipei Arena
Movie theaters

For Films:

Spot Huashan http://www.spot-hs.org.tw/

Spot Zhongshan https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g13808671-d2263214-Reviews-SPOT_Taipei_Taipei_Film_House-Zhongshan_District_Taipei.html