What are the top medical universities in Taiwan?

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I’m trying to make a decision on what city I want to stay in for 4 weeks during a medical/clinical exchange. I will be working at a university-affiliated hospital, and will most likely be staying on the campus. (There is also the possibility that I will billet with a family of a student).

So to all of those in the know… what are the top med. universities in taiwan?

It’s hard to gather an idea from the english sites of each university. But so far, National Taiwan University in Taipei and Tzu-Chi University in Hualien look nice.

Here’s the list of possible universities/hospitals:

1)National Taiwan University
2)Yang Ming University
3)Taipei Medical University
4)National Defence Medicine Center
5)Chang Gung University

1)Chung Shan Medical University:
2)China Medical University(CMU):
3)China Medical University(CMUC):

National Cheng-Kung University:
Kaohsiung Medical University:
Tzu Chi University:

Which have good reputations (or bad)?

Thanks for any advice.

NTUH - aka TaiDa"New" building isn’t that new but it’s newer than the war-era Old building. Good move on their part to contract out concessions to Eslite group. Their basement area shops and food court are an oasis in the dry tourist/government area that it sits in.

Obviously, it’s the most prestigious Medical Center. I’ve always wondered about their equipment, but I expect it to be among the best in the country. Biggest name doctors are here, and the heads of almost all government health agencies are probably from here, too.

National Defence Medical Center
Way out in Neihu, near Tri-services General Hospital (can someone verify if these are one and the same? After all, tri-services = army, navy, air force, right?) The military health system is very important and well-funded. Again, expect good facilities here, and world-class professionals.

Taipei Medical University
Not long ago was Taipei Medical College. Although it is in the shadow of 101, and therefore not far from good places to eat, shop, play and visit, it isn’t as convenient as, say, NTUH.

Cheng Gung Memorial Hospital
I think this is a private hospital group. The Taipei location is relatively small, and the eating around it isn’t great - but it is near the Nanjing E Road shopping area, and across the street there’s a lot of food, especially in the area behind the Sherwood hotel.

Reputation is good, but their Linkou location seems to be better known. Top doctors of the country can be expected to have day hours in Linkou and see OPD at night in Taipei. CGMH is on Dunhua, so it is a nice area to live. Linkou has the CGMH Children’s Hospital, which may be the top medical center for paeds in the country.

Interesting that your list did not include Taipei Veteren’s General Hospital (like CGMH, this private hospital group has locations in all the major cities). VGH is the biggest and busiest in the country, and supposed among the busiest in the world in terms of patient traffic (which is only believeable because doctors seem to be limited to prescribing no more than a few days worth, so patients are constantly visiting. I know that sounds silly, but this is what I’ve heard). I do believe they have very good (best?) imaging facilities (as the top neurorad in the country, I think).

Tzu-chi has an excellent reputation, though a lot of this is because of the Buddhist organization’s high profile community and global activities. I think they have the country’s only (or at least largest) kidney database (which is linked to the national kidney database in the US - is that NIDDK?)

Btw, you are aware of the Comatose Girl scandal last month, aren’t you? When a resident in Jen Ai Municipal Hospital declined to admit a patient for lack of an ICU bed? Hospitals, especially in Taipei, are keeping a low profile these days.

From your list, you won’t go wrong by being placed in NTUH, CGMH or NDMC. Yangming is also a major player, at least with regards to its medical school. I wish I could comment more on the rest.

Good luck, and do let us know where you finally end up, and especially, how your experience there turns out.

Thank you very much Ed. That was extremely helpful.

I have to decide by this Tuesday my top 3 choices of city/university, so I have a little bit more time to decide. I will definitely let you know where I’m going once I find out (in March at the earliest)

If anyone else has any opinions… I’d like to hear them.

Thanks again.

I haven’t followed the situation much in the last few years, but I agree with everything ed said.

I taught at Taipei Medical College (now Taipei Medical University) for a few years awhile back…um…I’d recommend Tzu-chi myself. :unamused:

Thanks everyone.

I have narrowed it down to Taipei/NTU and Hualien/Tsu-Chi… It has been a really hard time trying to decide, and I still haven’t made a choice.

Not sure how I will decide between these two. They seem to have counterbalancing pros and cons.

If you have the chance to study in NTUH, you should seriously consider it. It’s reputation requires no explanation in or outside Taiwan, now or for a long time to come.

You can be certain that NTUH residents are among the best of the bunch. I don’t know how strong your Mandarin is, but the level of English among NTUH doctors should be expected to be among the best. I have friends who are and have been residents there, and their level of English is excellent. However, I have also met VS (I forget what that really stands for, but they are equivalent to “consultants” in the US) who have very poor English skills. My small sample of experience is not at all representative, but I am sure that the brightest and the best are trying to train in NTUH.

Also, it’s tough to top Taipei as a place to live if you are only going to be around for 1 month. Yes, Hualien is a beautiful place, and perhaps you can expect a slower pace, and more time to study. But the number non-medical experiences you can have in Taipei is certainly more numerous. When you look back and share experiences with people back home, especially with people who have lived in Taiwan, there’s a greater chance you can share more by having spent time in Taipei. And if you are into higher (and more expensive) cultural experiences, NTUH is next door to CKS Memorial Hall, the home of the National Concert Hall and the National Theatre

Furthermore, I imagine that Taipei and NTUH will attract the most interesting cases. If you plan to focus on something that Tzu-chi has a particular expertise in, then the choice is easy: go to Hualien. But if you want to experience the most while you are here, you are likely to get more from Taipei and NTUH

btw, I have spent 90% of my time in Taiwan in Taipei, so my bias should be clear. I’ve only been to Hualien once, and only for a weekend. I hope someone who knows hualien well can rebut me. The only other interesting thing I have heard about the east coast is that there was a swami who has his spiritual retreat camp overlooking the Pacific somewhere.