What are these bugs and do I need to kill them?

Closest looking pic I could find on the web. Seems there are only two common flying pests in my pad… mosquitos, and these small black fly looking things.

Simple rule of human-insect relationships: If you have to ask, kill it.

These mostly come out of drains. (shower etc) when there is high humidity (at least at my place)

The don’t bugger, though I put the shower water first at very high temperature, washing them away directy without pain.

Drain flies: totally armless.

they ave six legs, though.

Here’s a handy link to help get rid of them :slight_smile:

getridofthings.com/get-rid-o … -flies.htm

Drain flies also known as sewer moths …

they are beauuuuuuuuuutiful. I grow them in my compost drawer. like fluffy gnats.

[quote=“WaltzingMatilda”]Here’s a handy link to help get rid of them :slight_smile:

getridofthings.com/get-rid-o … -flies.htm[/quote]

Haha that site is great. Man I feel bad for killing them now because they are kinda pathetic flyers with terrible reflexes. You don’t get the same satisfaction as whacking a pesky mosquito. Thanks dudes.

Shitbox bugs! Start groovin’ to da Fur Elise more often.

Whatever you do…don’t use a BB or pellet gun.


getridofthings.com/get-rid-o … -flies.htm[/quote]

lol, that’s a lot of work. Here in the insect paradise of Taiwan I figure you’ll have a month before they reappear.

Actually scattering/swamping them before the shower is kind of entertaining. I swear they try to attack like swarming mini spitfires or something, but they got no ammo.

I don’t know if they are related to ‘steam flies’, found in humid kitchens etc. Anyway those flies are harmless…they like humid wet places.

There’s actually a fantastic little game you can play with them in the shower, it’s called “reverse missile command” and what you do is take aim with your personal nozzle weapon when they’re at waist-level-and-below and try to demolish them with your “laser” stream.

Insects were put on this earth to be either unseen doing god’s vegetable and decompostion work or destroyed at first sight. They are definitely an alien species - have you ever seen that documentary “Alien”, man???

They’re quite common, harmless little things. Affectionate even. I’ve adopted some, myself. Can’t keep their names straight, though. :blush:

Do you mean ‘the shower head’?

ummmmm, yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, that’s what i meant… for you at least :wink: look i don’t condone peeing in the shower, especially you peeing in MY shower, but I’m just sayin’, sometimes you need to go “the extra leg” to get things done, and here’s the perfect excuse: Lantrification of the Insect Menace!!!

They’d kill you if they had the chance.

True, but so would my dog in the US probably… and if the cat were larger, you can bet we’d be eating them and not keeping em as pets, so I’m not sure the “they’d eat us” argument works… still, insects are evil. and that’s evil in the absolute sense, and coming from an atheist

All bugs go to Heaven.

Hahahaha yeah… then it’s damn good thing I aint goin there! Let the religious deal with them up there…