What are three things that make you happy?

Wow, you must be speaking the truth on behalf of all the married men on this board…

your wife isnt’ behind you, is she?? Well, turn around the check…

I’m a simple man with simple pleasures:

(1) Air conditioning

(2) Being on the receiving end of a BJ

(3) $50,000US

Too many to mention but I think a swim-up bar is a “must” on my list.

You are so cheap. :wink:

You are so cheap. :wink:[/quote]

The question says “happy”…not delirious. :laughing:

Three things that make me happy… hmmm. Well I believe that true happiness stems from oneself. Self-esteem is so important!

  1. Independance - to know that I’ve made some pretty good choices without having to lean on anybody. To say … I did all by myself!!

  2. Having good relationships - finally no more nice girl … and just learning to say no to toxic people. Once again that goes back to quality over qualitity.

  3. Puppy dogs - ALWAYS make me happy. I could be in the saddest mood but once i see a puppy … all my worries just fly away.

Everyone has something they are good at … once we find what we are truely passionate about … we can development an appreciation for simple abundance.

I think you missed the whorin’ part.

I thought the wife gave you an allowance for a drinkin’ and a whorin’ :wink:

Roseha, you are truly wise, maybe one of the wisest heads here. Nice.

For me, the three things that would make me happier (I am already excruciatingly happy, just to be alive and breathing in this SARS infested world!) – hold the boo’s, start serving the booze – would be:

  1. a night with Madoka Ozawa (make that an entire weekend, no photos please)

  2. driving my classic red Vette down the Italian Riviera coastline with a cold bottle of chianti by my side

  3. quitting my dull boring office job and telling the boss to take this job and shove it.

(1) Baby kisses, baby smiles and baby burps

(2) Coffee

(3) $50,000 for being on the giving end of the bj

(3) $50,000 for being on the giving end of the bj[/quote]

When are you coming down to Bali? I’ve got the money darlin’ if you’ve got the time. :smiley:

Well hell, if we’re gonna play that game I’ll take $50,000 for being on the receiving end of a BJ.

Happiness is rarely obtainable; pleasure is the best substitute.

Sex with a woman who likes sex and knows what to to.
Laying in bed knowing that you don’t have to get out of it.
Reading a good book in bed.
Creating something superior.
Getting drunk.

  1. Yabbying with the mates on our farm dam bank with an esky full of icy cold VB stubbies and the footy on the radio.

  2. Barbie sizzling on a Saturday arvo with a backyard full of mates and an esky full of piss and a long weekend brewing.

  3. My wife and new beautiful baby daughter.

But can you do the same drive in winter without touching your brakes…that makes me happy…

But not happiest…

The happiest I am is when I get up to Whistler, find my buddy Chet, smoke some of his wheelchair weed and hit the VD Chutes for 2000’ of tree skiing…or at least in my younger days…

Now…finding a friend just like Chet, smoke his Taiwanese Tofu-pot and ride my motorcycle around the streets of Taipei as if I am skiing the trees in Whistler…

Or getting 50,000USD and a BJ from Blueface…now that would make me grin…

  1. My great friends

  2. My dog

  3. Gucci :blush:

the first mango of the season.
the euphoria one gets after a brisk walk on a beautiful, cool evening.
hearing an old song that you completely forgot about after many years.

only three, right?

  1. coffee (up) and beer (down)
  2. Ben Davis pants
  3. drawing while listening to music, alone
  1. Moe
  2. Larry
  3. Curly

I think you missed the whorin’ part.

I thought the wife gave you an allowance for a drinkin’ and a whorin’ :wink:[/quote]

Yes, but the amount she gives me for a’drinkin and a’whorin is not enough…so it doesn’t make me happy…so I can’t put it on the list :cry:

Sex with a woman who likes sex and knows what to to.[/quote]

oh no wolf… don’t get me started on this Thursday morning…wait till Friday, ok?! :wink: