What are Usual Needs of Expats?

Hi Everyone!

I created this topic to see what generally expats need in Taiwan. It would be nice to know what kind of food, services, lodging or anything in mind that expats are looking for in their stay in Taiwan. The reason for me of putting up this topic, is because I am planning to put up a business either to provide services, products, or assistance for expats.

Please feel free to comment. The more comments the better for me to narrow down what my business will focus on.

Thank you everyone and Blessings to y’all!

a Whole Foods and better government policy towards ‘expats’

also, clean breathable air would be nice.


Taco Bell…at American prices.


The catch is that the menu only caters to the Taiwanese market. Mandatory corn and sweet mayonnaise on every locos taco supreme.


Why did you have to intrude into my fantasy? Not cool, dood. Completely lost my boner.


Welcome to my nightmare…

Introducing the Doritos x Stinky Tofu loco, bettlenut- crunch, pork rice supreme!



More fast food options and clothing in XXL and above.

Those actually don’t look half-bad. My blood sugar must be getting low.

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I actually see a lot more of those “big and tall” stores these days.

The clothes available in those stores makes you look like a clown. Good for my work, but not so much for a nice date with the wife.

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What? She’s not responding to your schtick?

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Better Bread would be nice.


I can’t buy clothes here. I wear an XL in the US, but the XL here is a L there. No Asian XXL available, either. Also very hard to find pants with longer inseams (34" and 36"). Shoe sizes seem to be ok, though (thankfully the width of my feet is normal).


I second that!

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Cheap, cheap and cheap!

People tried that before. If the locals don’t want, no go in the long term. Many foreign supermarkets started out with a nice ‘western’ selection, bending back after years of trying, localizing their choices.


When you say “expats,” which foreigners do you mean?


You should put together a little pamphlet of all the useful phone numbers and references for foreigners in Taiwan. Like the foreigner hotline and addresses for visa offices and so on.

Families or singletons?

Trustable lawyers with affordable costs?