What are you cooking?

Since there’s what are you reading/watching/listening topics, I figured that one would be a good addition if there’s any aspiring chefs among us.

Was feeling nostalgic of my grandma’s food so I had a go at a shortcut version of rosół (Polish chicken soup with noodles). Man, the allspice + dill combo is the essence of Polish cuisine, have some and you’ll see a white eagle in the setting sun pop out of nowhere.



I’m the world’s worst cook but fortunately Japanese super markets all have a section where they sell hunks of fresh tuna or salmon that are meant to be used as sashimi. I just buy one of those and throw it in the oven and it comes out tasting succulent. That plus a baked potato in the microwave is how I survive.

If I need topping up it’s a bowl of cereal.

I’ve never really been able to find ‘coffee cake’ here in Taiwan although I don’t frequent coffee shops too much so that could be a reason why. So when I discovered that coffee cake uses sour cream I decided to buy a huge tub of it at Costco.

I picked a decent sounding recipe online and it came out better than expected considering I’m not a baker. Hopefully coffee cake freezes well.

I’ve been making a variety of different burritos and started on some baked potatoes to try and put a dent in the rest of the sour cream :laughing:

Thank god I now don’t have to ask where you found the sour cream. :rofl:

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