What are you doing on this year Valentine Day?

I have been hanging out with a girl for a few times already and finally I want to take the next step further. I want to give her a surprise on the Valentine day. I am planning on to buy flowers that will be delivered to her work on that day. Do you guys think this is an good idea?

I think its a great idea. Good luck getting a shag. I’m just gonna download my favorite pornstar…far less effort.

Flowers on Valentine’s Day?
Doesn’t that cost oodles?
I wouldn’t know, having in the past studiously avoided following all the other lemmings off the cliff.
If it’s your thing, then by all means send someone flowers on that day. And chocolates, dinner, and a jaunt to a hot spring. Just be advised that there are 364 other daze of the year in which one might do just the same, at far less price, hassle and scrutiny.

Your thread title doesn’t at all match what you are asking in the post. :idunno: Good luck, though. :wink:

The way restaurants and florists jack up their prices on VD, my SO & I have always celebrated the day a few days later to avoid the greedy gouging.

You’re such a romantic!

I will be avoiding the vomit inducing ick of the recently engaged couple I live with. And no doubt clearing up their stinking cats’ shit and snorting dishwasher tablets.

Do what I did last year. Go to the STD clinic the next day.

We don’t do Valentine’s day. Why do I need to prove to my wife I love her on a specific date set by the greeting cards industry?

Why should my love for her not be shown equally everyday of the year?

What a heap.:fume::fume::fume:

As for the flowers idea, perhaps it might be more romantic if you personally deliver them. My wife used to (before we were married) love it when I turned up at her office with gifts - usually cold drinks or food, because of her crazy working hours.

Whatever you do make it personal and not just the Valentine’s day ‘thing’.

Have fun,


Go for it, lad. Your purchase of flowers will be supporting livelihoods in the agricultural and service sectors, putting your money to positive use in the economy. And you never know, girls are funny so it may well bring you some part or all of what you’re after.

Buttercup, Buttercup…There are far better things to snort, they have automatic cat boxes that will scoop for you AND if the newly engaged couple won’t keep the ‘ick’ in their room, you can always walk around in the nude. C’mon now, turn that frown upside down.

I’m not touching this one with a ten foot barge pole…

That’s the spirit!

Wish I could go here:

[quote]Whether your idea of romance is a quiet beach or the clamor of a big city, here are 10 spots across the country that’ll make your sweetie swoon…

Duquesne Incline / Pittsburgh

So romance isn’t the first word that pops into your head when you think of Pittsburgh? Then you need to take a ride on the Duquesne Incline cable car (in operation since 1877) to the observation deck with spectacular views of the Ohio and Allegheny and Monongahela River Valleys and downtown Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle.[/quote]

I love it!

An “engaged” couple with a roommate!


It’s Thursday, right? I’ll be painting the kitchen. That’s if I manage to finish the bedrooms on Wednesday.
And then off to the gym in the evening. Did you know Pilates gives you great abs.

Do handstands?

And I ain’t walking `round nekkid in a place with wall sized windows or in front of my sister and her fiancee…

More material for the novel, dear.

[hijack] BTW, what are you doing vocationally these days? [/hijack]

Ha, if only that were the weirdest thing my family had to offer.
I’m teaching IELTS prep part-time to non English speaking mainland Chinesers for a shithole company staffed by a bunch of tossers, in a radical departure from my former life.

Cheered up a bit today.

No need. Just call and ask the restaurants if they have normal menus and prices that day, or if they’re running greedy businesspeople screw lovers “Specials”. If they have the latter, boycott the greedy mofo’s for all eternity and warn all your friends to do the same. :idunno: I’m not talkin’ about offering an optional, deluxe special for Valentines in addition to the regular menu, of course. Its the ones who don’t let you order from the regular menu, and charge you double, that piss me off.

Pan’s Garden in Neihu offered their regular menu, for instance, instead of trying to screw people. So they deserve your business. :slight_smile:

We had a nice dinner there, then exchanged presents. Dragonbabe had knitted me a woolen scarf (her first), which was very nice, and also gave me a cast brass seal of a dragon. In a rather bizarre coincidence, I had almost chosen to give her for Valentine’s Day a cast brass seal of a tiger (her Chinese animal year) from the very same store – are we a couple, or what?! – but decided instead a couple other things, among which I gave her a love poem I composed for her, which I wrote in Chancery Italic script (learned just for the occasion) with a steel nib fountain pen. So I then used the brass seal she gave me to affix the impression of the dragon as my signature on her poem, which we’ll have framed. :heart:

That’s what I mean when I agree with Limey that we should ‘make it personal’.