What are you eating for lunch?

I used to eat out all the time, but lately it’s been lots of bien dangs.

Monday and Wednesday I had leftover chow fan that I cooked on Sunday. Pretty good, but it gets old by the third day.

Today it’s leftovers from the dinner my wife cooked yesterday: hearty, healthy, whole-grained rice; marinated, soggy tofu; a few scraps of fish with very small bones; and some of that green, gourd-like veggie that’s fairly common in Taiwan and tastes like dirt. Cheap and healthy, yes, but not exactly fine dining. I think I’ll have to head down to the vending machines later for a chocolate bar.

Bread from the pseudo-German bakery at the Breeze Center.

That’s it, bread? No meat? No cheese? No fruit? Just bread?

Today, lunch box from the lunch box buffet style restaurant just down the road. Just NT80 … and you can put as much of whatever you like (that would be meat) in it.

Some days, food from the company cafeteria. Just NT60… very cheap, but it’s still cafetria food. Reminds me of college.

Other days, luch at the coffee shop across from the office. About NT250, but always good. YES, there are good coffee shops in Hsinchu!



Raisin Bran!

Korean Bientang containing chopped lamb, 3 kinds of vegetables, tofu, tons of 1st grade rice, fish ball soup, and those green or red beans in a milky substance as dessert… all for 75 NTD… HEAVEN hehe…
This company has become our premium partner now among 35 others. …and the food arrives here WARM at least.

Bowl of All Bran with sliced strawberries, chopped walnuts, a packet of Equal, and a cup of skim milk. And a Twix bar.

Sounds like you and 914 should get together for a good time.

You just HAD to one-up me, didn’t you?

Geez mon…

Italian Job appetizer plate and pesto linguine. No complaints.

They have some “German healthy bread” with Cheese pieces and some unidentified meat (ham I guess) in it, or the Curry bread. I also like the somewhat plain cheese stick bread (no sugar on top!) that I usually buy with one or the other. And once in a while I treat myself with a donut or pudding-filled thingy as dessert.

I should eat more fruits, but unless they are peeled and cut I just can’t be bothered.

Went to a new “5 star” restraunt the other night and their minestrne tasted like dishwater with carrot peelings thrown in.
So I was jonesing for some real stuff and made my own.
Took half the day but it was damn good.

Having gone veg yeaterday with a rather large pig out at a Southern Indian vegetarian buffet, including masala dosa, I opted for meat today and so went a Malaysian beef rendang. Too much fat on the meat, but the sauce and spuds were perfect.


[quote=“914”]You just HAD to one-up me, didn’t you?

Geez mon…[/quote]
Well it’s not like Raisin Bran is low on the glycemic index or anything. I definitely prefer DIY. Same goes for those sugar overdosed fruit yogurts. Makes more sense to buy that one low-fat sugar free brand they have at Will-come, then toss in some sliced strawberries and maybe a packet of Equal. Matter of fact I’m having one right now. Yum. But to be fair, you did say bran, so here’s yesterday’s lunch: cod with sliced almonds and a little lemon on basmati rice with a side of asparagus. And a glass of iced Iron Goddess.

You mean hot Iron Goddess? Goes very well with bran cereals.