What are you listening to? (music edition)


“Bicho” in Spanish (the good one, not the others) is to animals what “bug” is to “insects” in English (the good one, not the others).


Ah, Jesus speaks the “good Spanish.” How classy. :sunglasses:


So “bicho” is coño in the New World? In Spain we say a woman is a “bicho” if she’s ugly or unattractive.


Of course. The RAE just makes public my rules.


Sorry for spamming, but WTF does “chile” mean, apart from the obvious? O_o


I think that meaning of bicho is a Boricua thing. I’ll give you a hint: “Mamame el chile.”


I’d bail


There is more than one reason she has her own car. :slight_smile:So I can blast my music in my car.


DK helped a lot


Finally, some new rock worth listening to. Not exactly original, but the kid’s got some pipes.


its cold:thinking:


Saturday 4 am .Dance time




The wonderfully performed choreography in this clip deserves a mention :wink:


Oh wait !!


This is definitely what we should be sending out on those unmanned space probes. Aliens wouldn’t dare attack such a badass planet.


maybe we could include this one for the Aliens?



For Icon on a Sunday night