What are you listening to? (music edition)


Sunday night is Jesus time for me.


Not enough…time for another dose of Jesus.


And finally…some reptilian Jesus.


Actually, I was just listening to Don’t let me be misunderstood.

Great minds think alike.



I like this Dancing in the Moonlight especially if you have a good sound system.


You troll!

and @tempogain won’t do anything, of course…


Hey, just be glad you’ve got some good music named after you. All I have named after me is an insipid country duo. :rage:


Nice, but I still prefer the original. I guess I’m a traditionalist. But thanks for reminding me to listen to some Thin Lizzy.




Sounds more like Anticristo. See, you get all the cool music.


Good old Alice. Sounds like Mexican tar in a basement…in a good way.


Careful there, Sagan! If they think he’s the leader, they might make an interplanetary trade deal with him. :eek: :doh::noway:


I kind of doubt Mr. Glitter is interested in underage aliens, but you never can tell. What’s your understanding of intergalactic pedo laws?


I think it varies a lot by planet. But what if he sells earthlings to them? Lock up your calves, Doc!


Time for simple melodies. Probably a little quieter than the Dr. is used to :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This was sad if you are away from loved ones. Stevie Nicks




Off the first solo album for Liam Gallagher (former lead singer of Oasis & Beady Eye). Good Album.