What are you listening to? (music edition)

9:34 of acoustic bliss. Live small space in Vienna.

So, movie, happy and sad?

Fancy some jp rock?

The vocalist is so cute he’s even made this sheep counting video :joy:

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Cardi B’s WAP just broke sum WAP records.

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Been listening to this album by IDK HOW (abbrev), a band I discovered by random from a spotify playlist. I like it; Reminds me of Arcade Fire or The Killers.

My guy sings better.

i don’t think so

I think listening to all that Spanish death metal has affected your hearing. :grin:

Say what? What Spanish death metal bands are you talking about?

French. And that guy’s way too eclectic for being considered Death Metal.

It doesn’t seem to be a very popular genre in Spain:

So literal… OK, here’s some Spanish death metal. It’s not Slayer, but…

…but Slayer is not considered Death Metal either…