What are you listening to? (music edition)


Did somebody just actually share Whole Lotta Love? I see the stereo sound effect still works with YouTube starting at around 2:00. Don’t know why I didn’t expect that to come through.

Way down inside
Women, you need, yeah
Cue in John Bonham.



I had forgotten about this one:

Mago the Oz are:

Members Txus di Fellatio (1988–)
Carlos Prieto “Mohamed” (1992–)
J.C. Marín “Carlitos” (1992–)
Francisco Javier Gómez de la Serna “Frank” (1996–)
Fernando Mainer (2012–)
Josema (2010–)
Javi Diez (2012–)
Patricia Tapia (2007–)
Zeta (2012–)



I like that one.


Listened to many times playing GTA :slight_smile:



This guy speaks the same language than me!

So bad that our guitars don’t…


Probably more interesting:

and this:



Yeah, Fleetwood Mac…hits me like a cheap red wine hangover.

For that kind of vibe, I prefer Joni Mitchell.


Jesus mother of Christ! More Jesus…


Cool…I immediately thought of Iggy when I heard it.

Does he even own a shirt?


I get the feeling that if I posted some Bach , it would not be appreciated :zipper_mouth_face:
I enjoy so many Genres , especially those involving some form of Melody :thinking:


Are you kidding? I love Bach!


or this gentleman?


Goodness! I remember playing this in my youth.
'you hum it and I’ll play it "
famous expression after the following TV commercial


Yeah, he did some OK music. Not really a fan of the symphonic stuff though.


Was that a Figaro speech? :zipper_mouth_face:



OK, enough classical. Time to funk things up.