What are you listening to? (music edition)

Instantly reminded me of Tom Waits.

Remember viewers, Tom waits for no man!

He will stop for women and children


Teach Me Tonight

Worth a listen.

More retro Japanese shit for those who like it.

It’s growing on me, like a fungus. Maybe i’ve spent too long here, where this kind of stuff is on muzak systems absolutely everywhere, even in national parks and ski fields!

Or maybe i just like the cover art?

or some funky shit:

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The new Fiona Apple record gives me big Tom Waits vibes.

Maybe I’m not smart enough to appreciate their music, but really I can only handle some Tom Waits songs, same with Apple. It just grinds me in an uncomfortable (intentional) way a lot of the time. And I listen to some objectively unpleasant sounding things.

Really funny, I was just listening to this track on YT but didn’t realize I had spotify playing another song in the background. The song in the back ground really added to it, I thought, wow this is way cooler than I remember. This was the song playing simultaneously in the background lol:

They went well together, the spell was only broken when the lyrics came in HA


I’m an old guy–I mean really old–so I’m not up on all this stuff, and sometimes I’m an old dog who doesn’t want to learn knew tricks.

That having been said, the Fiona Apple one is impressive. Smart lyrics. To my thinking, she may kinda outdo Mr. Waits on that one.

I think the only thing I’d ever heard by her before was her cover of “Across the Universe,” which I liked.

I haven’t listened to the second one yet, but I’m about to.

Okay, second one is too rich for my blood–not knocking it–but anyway, I stand by my take on the Fiona Apple one. Good stuff.

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Yes, Daughters has a sound that feels like a slow descent into depressive madness. I’ve never heard anything like it, which is why I’ve been enjoying them lately. Something so visceral and outright cursed-sounding that at times I want to just stop it to make sure I’m still here. The funny thing is this Daughters track is easily the most tame track on the entire record.

Completely understandable. I feel that way already with Gen Z music. Although I’m surprised by them sometimes, like how drum and bass is making a comeback with them. Or how they expose themselves to very intense auditory experiences as types of challenges, such as listening to hauntological masterpieces without breaking down?

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the entire record, but if you enjoyed that track, you might really appreciate Fetch the Bolt Cutters. It’s raw and real. I’m not sure it’s my speed, but I see it’s artistic value and recognize how talented she is. I feel the same with Tom Waits.

Yeah they’re a world apart. Two completely different ways of expressing something dark and personal. Something only music can do.


Too busy to listen to the whole thing yet, but I like what I’ve heard so far. Very creative. I’m not a long term fan either. Maybe I should go back and listen to her older stuff when I have time. I’ve never been a fan of Tom Waits, despite a family connection. Always came across as a hipster poseur.

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I’m only recently trying to get into her too. I think I’ll come around. Her whispers and howls are a siren’s song.

He’s undeniably talented. Just not all the time. Influential.

Haha, I can’t stand try-hards either. Thom Yorke for example. I appreciate some radiohead, but bro, get over yourself.

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(but I do dig some of the music)

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Lightening the mood with some nice new pop and easier listening, including new Nilüfer:

Dirty Projectors still have it. Been listening to them for well over a decade now, consistently impressive and gorgeous sounds.

Actually Dirty Projectors deserve their own post, for those unfamiliar:

Hmm. Interesting. I can totally understand how you could listen to that stacked on top of another track and not notice!

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You write some very good reviews of weird music!


Yeah. Informative. Educational. But I really didn’t like that at all.

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She’s good! Reminds me of a girl friend from back in the day. That would be 1990!

Same rock schtick

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Right? I don’t own a metronome but that bpm is near identical.

Thanks! I’ve friends who are more artistic than myself, it’s a blessing. I’ve also been exposed to some gems here too. I intend on keeping it alive with anyone willing.

So this is a joke band of Louis Cole’s. It’s radical and kind of terrible and kind of awesome. His other work is superb though, he’s an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist/composer. And he’s hilarious.

I’ll raise you this.

If you like that kinda messy shit

Ok that’s just wrong. You want to see feedback done well? And musically?

Magic Dirt!

One of my top ten bands.

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